This Week in the Slacktiverse, November 10/11 2012

The Blogaround

First we have a couple of things that should have been added to an updated post last week, but I was kind of out of it:
Sarah wrote:
Ian Perez wrote:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Nice Guy, where I use the new cartoon as a springboard to express my thoughts on Nice Guy-ism (Content Note: Nice-guyism, Consent, Sexual Assault, Rape, Stalking).
Everything else actually belongs in this weekend post (sort of).
Coleslaw wrote:
These are from last week, but I didn’t submit them then and I haven’t written any this week. Halloween has Come and Gone, leaving me to muse about changes I’ve seen over the years. The company that touts its Logistics failed to deliver me a package when their truck was right in front of my door, leaving me once again to think that government should not be run like a business. My family members were hit by Sandy, and I know how they feel because I’ve Been There. Yes, they are all right, but the details are in the post.
Catherine wrote:
Hi all,
I’ve been lurking for ages, enjoying the articles and commentary but rarely saying much, due to time differences and general diffidence. Also, I basically blog food and music, so I’m not sure if I belong in the blogaround or not! Just in case I do, here are my contributions for the past week…On my music blog, I found a surprisingly vicious rendition of Could I Leave you by Julie Andrews, I celebrated the Melbourne Cup with church music featuring Warrior Horses and celebrated spring with Purcell and turtles.

On my food blog, I have been having a very vegan week, with Vegan Pizza Primavera and Vegan Pasta Primavera, as well as a quinoa salad with corn and coriander. There will probably be steak tonight. And I celebrated the return of an old friend to the Farmers’ Market.Cheers!

Froborr wrote:
Just My Little Po-Mo this week, as I’m still gearing up for Anime USA (which I will be at by the time the post goes up).Last Sunday I posted I don’t get it. How can somepony not become instant best friends with me? (Griffon the Brush-Off), in which I talk about ponies as a society comprised entirely of geeks, and the cast’s struggles with the Geek Social Fallacies.

This Sunday I will be posting These two ponies have a bit of a grudge match they’re trying to settle. (Boast Busters), in which I talk about the ways in which this episode plays with the typical “stranger comes to town, humiliates local heroes, and is finally defeated by the newest local hero” story, and in so doing gives us insight into Twilight’s character and further explores the implications of a society where everyone has cutie marks that indicate their primary interest and skill.

Storiteller had lots of celebrations this week.
With Tuesday’s election results, she was very pleased to keep her current boss for four more years and looks forward to the U.S.’s future.  She was also excited to watch the League of American Bicyclists award her city a Bicycle Friendly Community award, as she describes in Going for the Bicycle Friendly Bronze.  While her city is preparing for more people bicycling in the future, she started getting her garden ready for next year. Doing most of her garden prep in the winter leads to great soil, as she describes in Prepping for the Winter with Lasagna Gardening.
chris the cynic wrote:
In “Time” I noted that a lot of my problems seem like they could be solved with the one thing I never have: time.
I started NaNoWriMo giving an explanation of what it is and a lengthy excerpt of what I had written.
Given politics of my country being sort of concentrated around this time I had a few things to say, in “We won, for the most part” I talked about the results.  In “And a child shall lead them (if Kids ran Congress)” I expanded on an idea put forward by Lonespark that children could do a better job than our current crop of congresscritters.  And finally I commented on a genre of political commentary in the US defined by false claims that one will move out, and move to a place that they know so little about that their reason for moving doesn’t apply.
Other than that I added a new section to Skewed Slightly to the Left, in which Jane and Cameron ran into emergency workers, and I talked about what’s been going on and what it is like to go on on my blog.

In case you missed this

We’ve moved.  First posts since we’ve moved are a welcome here, and an article called “Not mean; but be.
This was pointed our way, about the post Sandy situation. has a list of local New York City and New Jersey non-profit organizations serving the victims of Sandy and is covering all of the online processing fees.
As was this: Rolling Jubilee.  This is an initiative, started by people involved with Occupy Wall Street, that buys “distressed loans” (loans that the people who took them out can’t pay back) and forgives them. [N.B.  I seriously have no idea how to check out the legitimacy of this, it may come down to trust.]

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

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