This week in The Slacktiverse, November 24/25

The Blogaround

Catherine wrote:

On Cate’s Cates, I had a ball at the Farmers’ Market, made strawberries and cream and had a very disappointing High Tea at the Grand Hyatt, the description of which degenerated into a discussion of apoptosis.

Over on my music blog, I noted that my choir was singing about dragons and was delighted by Kristin Chenoweth singing The Girl in 14G – if you listen to one bit of music theatre this week, make it that one, because it’s incredibly clever and very well-sung!

Last week, as she worked to prepare her garden for the winter, Storiteller ran into an odd ethical dilemma.  Raking up leaves in the nearby cemetery seemed like a good public service, but felt very wrong when someone came to visit, as she describes in Gravestones and Garden Prep.  This week, among all of the very many things she has to be grateful for, she focused on just one – her local farmers’ market.  She lists a few of the reasons why in Giving Thanks for Local Agriculture. As part of her (very) inconsistent feature, she highlights the work of one of her favorite charities and how you can donate to them as a gift for others in Fangirl Friday: Oxfam.

Coleslaw wrote:

I listed my Thanksgiving 2012 blessings. For the first time in many years we really did go over the river though not through the woods to eat dinner at Nottaway. And while we are on the theme of thankfulness, I wrote about the one bright spot in a dark time in my life in Thanks a Lot, John Metz.

froborr wrote:

Once again, I have only My Little Po-Mo to report. I’m working on something else, but it’s still in the very early stages. Anyway, last week I posted I’m the monster. (Dragonshy), in which I discussed how MLP implements the Buffy approach to writing villains as a method of exploring the adventure/character binary. Coming up, at midnight EST this link will work: Honey, Rarity thinks everything’s uncouth. (Look Before You Sleep), which is about kyriarchy and the intersection of class and gender.

Francis wrote:
How the Church of England got into the mess on women bishops it’s in. “I come not to praise the Anglican Church

chris the cynic wrote:

After a discussion of funerary music at Slacktivist I asked for help finding out who did a version of “Joe Hill” then found out on my own soon after leaving the post just being a place where there are videos of five versions of the song, and two versions of Portal’s “Still Alive” (original and ASL.)

I was told, both by my sister and the radio, that it isn’t Thanksgiving unless someone plays some version of the song, so I linked to the version I prefer in “How many things in the world are 18 minutes and 20 seconds long?

On the whole Greek Myth NaNoWriMo thing I wrote (not quite in this order) to ask if people weren’t liking it, an invocation to the Muses, the line of Pontos (lots of Hercules killing things there) and, after actual research failed to turn up much on the vast majority of the Nereids besides their names, made up additional information on each of the unstoried ones.

As an aside, the probability of me hitting 50,000 words by the end of the month is just about zero.  Not quite zero, but it doesn’t take a large epsilon to get the two in the same neighborhood.

In case you missed this

Duckbunny writes:

I am to blame for Advent Knowledge, an education Advent calendar project. Contributors post every day on their chosen topic, or add to the eclectic general pool if they only want to make a few posts, and we are always looking for more contributors. Any and all topics are welcome. This year, we have a website! Come to for more details and to sign up. And then come back every day in December, to read about (at the least) chemistry, art history, ecology and atmospheric science.

Things You Can Do

Ellie Murasaki writes: because one Triangle Shirtwaist fire should have been enough.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

7 thoughts on “This week in The Slacktiverse, November 24/25

  1. Brin November 25, 2012 at 8:32 am

    Not quite zero, but it doesn’t take a large epsilon to get the two in the same neighborhood.

    …okay, fine, I’ll go.

    (The only reason I understood that (at least I think I understood it) is because of what I learned in calculus last schoolday.

    I’m here because I’m procrastinating on doing calculus today.

    I suppose I should take this as a sign.)

  2. chris the cynic November 25, 2012 at 10:02 am

    What was it they said in Star Trek (TNG)?

    “You can be anything you want to be. Anything. But you still have to take calculus.”

  3. storiteller November 25, 2012 at 10:29 am

    I thought I would get away with not taking calculus, but any science in college requires it. Even natural resources / environmental science. So ended up holding out all the way until senior year.

  4. froborr November 25, 2012 at 10:37 am

    I did take calculus, but I never actually needed to.

  5. EllieMurasaki November 25, 2012 at 10:46 am
  6. froborr November 26, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    You may notice something new in the contents bar–I’ve taken the liberty of adding a (very, very basic, since I couldn’t find any tools for building a better one in my admittedly cursory check) Schedule page so we can keep better track of what’s going up when and who’s providing it. In the case of an anonymous submission going up on a particular date, we can indicate which author/administrator is responsible for making sure it goes up, or we can just put Anonymous as the responsible party.

    I figure we can use these and other board business posts to keep track of when posts are due to go up, see what gaps we have coming up that we need open thread topics for, and so forth.

  7. froborr November 28, 2012 at 9:40 am

    EllieMurasaki: Updated the post with your link. Sorry that took so long; I think we had a bit of Bystander Effect going.

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