This week in the Slacktiverse, December 1,2,3

Sorry, again, for it being late. Also one submission got flagged as spam (looks like just the one though) so if in the future you think it happened to you or your submission was otherwise missed, just say so in the thread. I supposed that too could get spamtrapped, in which case I suppose you can write to an individual author. I, chris the cynic, would probably be your best bet.

The Blogaround

Catherine wrote:

It’s been a quiet week on my food blog because I’ve been sick and then the weather was ridiculously hot, which is not encouraging for cooking. But I reviewed a cookbook called Practically Raw, and made curative Tortellini Soup, so that’s something. Still haven’t made weird scones, though. Maybe tomorrow?

On my singing blog, I discovered a whole cache of really filthy – but beautifully written and sung – Elizabethan catches, listened to Una Voce Poco Fa and many, many variations of the Doll Aria. And today I started my musical Advent Calendar with some Palestrina – if you like advent music, pop by during the week, because there will be something new up every morning, and I promise it won’t be horrible shopping-centre-style carols.

froborr is dealing with an emergency so I’ve grabbed this link for him:

Doors are barred and shutters shut/Guess I should’ve stayed inside my hut (Bridle Gossip)

Ana Mardoll is still sick, so I’ve grabbed these links for her:

Narnia: Prince Caspian, Disney-ified

Deconstruction: How To Be A (Male) Ally

Health: Remembrance (Part of being an ally to the disabled means remembering that they are disabled.)

Narnia: The Problem of Eustace

Twilight: Carried In The Arms Of Assholes

Deconstruction: A Yearly Reminder (Please remember as you move forward into this season that gifts are things that are purchased for individuals and not for gender stereotypes.)

Probably not a thing that she would send in herself given it’s an open thread, Open Thread: This Is A Real Thing In The Real World, but seriously he’s a “Vampire, angel, Viking, lover, Navy SEAL” and that particular ad doesn’t mention that he’s also been a “a gladiator, a cowboy, a ditch digger…even a sheik[sic].” I personally think everyone should be given the opportunity to be snarky about a “Vangel, fighting Lucipires”. (Note, not just a book, an entire series which is still being written.)

chris the cynic wrote:

This was the week that I failed to complete the 50,000 words of NaNoWriMo on time. (Barely made it halfway.) That project, you might recall, was rewriting Greek and Roman creation myths as a single coherent nartaive via creative use of poetic licence and picking and choosing (they’re all contradictory you see, and not without reason) which quickly got derailed into just following the family lines laid down by Hesiod while filling them out using everything else.

A warning, or at least reminder, might be required so this thing I wrote for the second Line of Tethys bit: Keep in mind that this is Greek myth so there are multiple varieties of rape, Aphrodite and her son which is sort of on the love potion end of the rape-like spectrum, sex with a bear, transformation into animals, transformation into plants, incest, Sirens, rivers having sex with each other, suicide attempts, kidnapping, murder, trauma, tears, crossdressing to get into women only spaces (no, not the story about the guy who gets his head ripped off) me calling on a muse to fill in a hole in that story and writing about someone who appears to be pretty well trans, the death of humanity by flood with only a couple of exceptions, bullshit etymology to try to paper over plot holes, death by serpent, serpent death, resurrection, disavowing a predestination “own grandpa” paradox, an abnormal dislike of hermaphrodites and a strange fixation on castration, rape by use of wine after rape by jumping out of the bushes got the rapist killed, death by tree cutting, me making up names because I could only get 17 of the 20, random asides about transliteration, being turned into a flute, Hercules, and stuff.

Anyway, onto the writings:The line of Tethys and Okeanos (part 1) in which I tell how short this would be if I used a Hesiod only approach, and tell the lines of the eldest daughters. The line of Tethyes and Okeanos (Part 2) in which I tell the story of the lines of the eldest sons, has a more narrative approach. (Hard to talk about Moria without telling the story) and make up an entirely new continuation of one story because the oldest extant copy of the story clearly was hinting at later things which are never told about in extant works. More on Daphne and Leukippos in which I describe the extant versions of the story and again call on Kalliope to help me finish it. And finally A couple of conversations of Cassandra because, why not?

And I made index page page for all of the above and the works that came before.

First off, to anyone still reading at this point I’m impressed. (Perhaps we should have “Things you can do” before my submission.) Second, in the past week I saw the most recent underworld movie which prompted me to make two posts The Underworld series and the fall of the Lycans about how the series started with either Lycan=”Peace and Reconciliation” or Lycan=”I am Spartacus! But I win,” depending on whether you go real world chronological or in universe chronological, and has come to Lycan=”I am evil. Evilevilevil. Evvviiilll. Let’s chop up a twelve year old,” which is most recent by either measure. The other was Something that interested me about Underworld that Rise of the Lycans erased in which I talked about how I was more interested in the backstory alluded to in Underworld than the completely rewritten version shown in Rise of the Lycans.

I found two stories I’d forgotten to move to the blog Skewed Slightly to the Left Apocrapha: Why Amanda was allowed to sit in on the meeting which is exactly what it sounds like, and Snarky Twlight: Who knows? Which is about the precautions (snarky) Bella takes before going off alone with Edward.

Lastly, I could have sworn I did this before last time, but apparently not, .hack//Sign: Information and Instnict – BT, Mimiru, Sora, the difference between the Crimson Knights in popular imagination and reality and … um, stuff. Yeah, it doesn’t sound that interesting to me either

Things You Can Do

Ellie Murasaki writes: because one Triangle Shirtwaist fire should have been enough.

(I know that was on last week’s post, but it got added late.)

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


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  1. froborr December 3, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    Make that two simultaneous family emergencies.


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