Deconstruction Round Up, December 14th 2012

(By chris the cynic)

The good news is that at long last I was able to retrace my steps, the bad news is that I didn’t find my lost glove and probably never will.  So, now that you know what I was doing instead of getting this in earlier, onto the deconstructions.

Amarie: Amarie’s Dreamjournal

50 Shades of Gray (No index page, category, or tag)
Nothing new since last time.

Ana Mardoll: Ana Mardoll’s Ramblings

Multiple Deconstructions:

Apocalypse Review: Apocalypsereview’s Blog

Multiple Deconstructions:

Chris the Cynic: Stealing Commas

Multiple Deconstructions:

Clevernamepending: Something Short and Snappy

50 Shades of Grey: First Post
Nothing new since last time.

Has started the next book. (Which uses a different tag, hence my confusion.) New since next time:
50 Shades of Domestic violence
50 Shades Darker- Chapter 1

Fred Clark: Slacktivist

The Left Behind Series: First Post

Since last time: Climate change is both a hoax and a sign of the End Times
The next NRA post is to go up at some point today, I’ll try to add it once it does.
See, I said I would: NRA: The running man.

Froborr: My Little Po-Mo

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: First Post

Since last time: Does anypony have a toupee? (Swarm of the Century)

RubyTea: Heathen Critique

Multiple Deconstructions:

InsertAuthorHere: Um… InsertAuthorHere

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
Season 1 (complete)
Season 2 (complete)
Season 3 (ongoing) Most recent
Thoughts on Ponies (ongoing)

Justice_Turtle: ReadAllTheNewberys
Newbery winners / Honor Book: First post
Nothing new since last time (which, for the record, mentioned us.)

Mouse: Mouse’s Musings

Left Behind: The Kids: First Post

Since last time: Not Much to Look At, Not Much to Say

Nathaniel: Politics, Prose and Other Things
Caves of Steel: First Post
Nothing new since last time.

Omskivar: Omskivar Reviews

Eragon: First Post
Nothing new since last time.

PersonalFailure: Forever in Hell

Elsie Dinsmore: First Post

Nothing new since last time.

Philip Sandifer: TARDIS Eruditorum: A Psychochronography in Blue

Doctor Who: First Post

Since last time You’ve Got Some Battle Scars There (The Room With No Doors)
Pop Between Realities, Home in Time for Tea 48 (Alan Moore’s Spoken Word Pieces)
The Leaves on the Trees are Bright Silver (Lungbarrow)

Ross: A Mind Occasionally Voyaging
Captain Power: First Post
Nothing new since last time.

Yamikuronue: Raven Wings

This Present Darkness: First Post

Nothing new since last time.

Hasn’t progressed on that because of work on other things, for example deconstructing Christmas songs:
Raven Wings Christmas Special!
Christmas Songs day 1: Baby It’s Cold Outside (And a contest!)
Christmas Songs Day 2: White Wine in the Sun
Christmas Songs Day 3: We Three Kings
Christmas Songs Day 4: Santa Baby
Christmas Songs day 5: Adeste Fideles
Christmas Songs day 6: Will and Shiroi Koibitotachi
Christmas Songs Day 7: Christmas Wrapping
Christmas Songs Day 8: Jewish Song Bonanza
Christmas Songs Day 9: Do They Know It’s Christmas
Christmas Songs Day 10: Sleigh Ride
Christmas Songs day 11: Last Christmas
Christmas Songs Day 12: 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Songs day 13: Comedic animal songs
Christmas Songs day 14: The Grinch

Also, a deconstruction of a book called “Easily Amused” was finished without us noticing.

Please comment or e-mail us if we’ve forgotten anybody or you have anyone to add. Or if any links are broken, or if this post inadvertently started the zompocalypse (why is everything always so grey when in the absence of people it should be a lush green?), or for more or less any reason really.

5 thoughts on “Deconstruction Round Up, December 14th 2012

  1. yamikuronue December 14, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Finally got around to checking in on this. I’m not sure what your criteria are, but this month I’m also doing deconstructions of christmas carols (which is why TPD hasn’t been coming out), and I’ve just finished a deconstruction of a book called “Easily Amused” last month. I’ll be picking up another title after new year’s, once I decide which one.

  2. christhecynic December 14, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    When I update the post (not right now, I’m tired and in need of a shower) I’ll see about making it reflect that.

  3. froborr December 14, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Thanks for taking care of this, Chris. I should have no problem picking it up next week.

    I’m working on the next My Little Po-Mo while I wait for the build process to finish at my job. It’s the first of a four-part series on alchemy and the next stage in the evolution of the show, and rapidly shaping up to be the best analysis work I’ve ever done. I’m excited about it.

  4. Brin December 14, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    CleverNamePending started Fifty Shades Darker yesterday. It’s tagged differently from the previous book.

  5. Timothy (TRiG) December 15, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    This could be a really useful resource. I quite like YA fiction a lot of the time, so I might start following the one reviewing the Newberries, and perhaps a few of the others.


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