Cute Animal Tuesday #6: Christmas

(Posted by kisekileia.)

Here are some beautiful Christmas puppies and kittens, courtesy of rainbow_goddess of the baaaaabyanimals LiveJournal community:

Christmas kitten

Christmas puppy

Christmas kitten and puppy

And because it’s hard to restrain myself from including bunnies in any cute animal post, here are a couple of Christmas bunny pictures from The Sarcastic Bunneh Show, the first of which is via The Daily Squee:

Reindeer bunny

Beautiful Christmas bunnies

Now for two of my favourite Christmas cute animal videos. In the first one, a lady named Leah opens a Christmas gift. Be sure to have the sound on so you can experience her utter delight:

(Note: I realize that surprising someone with a pet as a gift can often lead to the pet being abandoned. However, it’s clear that in this case, Leah very much wanted a kitten, so I’m sure the little fuzzball is still happily enjoying life with her :). )

And here is one of the cutest Christmas videos around: A Giggle with the Goats Jingle Bells Holiday Performance! Keep the sound on for this one too.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!

One thought on “Cute Animal Tuesday #6: Christmas

  1. eastwitching January 15, 2013 at 6:59 am

    Squee! So cute – love this blog

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