Updated This week in the Slacktiverse, January 5/6

(posted by chris the cynic)

The Blogaround

Catherine wrote:

I’ve been sick a lot of this week, so I haven’t been blogging much, but last Sunday I went to a picnic for vegan food bloggers (of whom I am in fact not one), and made vegan and gluten-free Pistachio, Raspberry and Rose cupcakes, which I’m actually really proud of. On January 1, I joined the bandwagon of people doing ‘Best Of’ posts, and since then I’ve basically been working on various updates to make my blog more navigable and useable on phones and so forth. This is extremely boring.

On my music blog, I celebrated the end of 2012 with music from Holst’s planets and footage of Curiosity landing on Mars. And it’s been stinking hot all day today (at 2am, it’s just dropped below 30°C, ugh), so naturally we had to have Too Darn Hot, with Ann Miller’s gorgeous dance number.

And I went and saw Les Miserables today, and have many, many opinions about that, but I haven’t written them all down yet, so you will just have to guess…

Hope everyone else has been having a good week!

Coleslaw wrote:

There’s something about urban legends that usually leave me thinking, Do People Really Not Know This? Also, a broken trash can leads to A Mystery Solved.

Blogging slowed down for Storiteller over the holidays, but she’s had a couple posts over the last few weeks. In Nameste!, she describes how practicing yoga (although she would never consider herself a yogi) has helped her physically and mentally. Besides strength, it’s helped her cultivate a better understanding of the relationship between her mind and body. Walking into walls less often is an added benefit. In A Christmas Vision, she explains how her Christian faith, particularly the Incarnation celebrated during Christmas, provides the foundation for her passion for social justice. She also quotes Kermit the Frog. In It’s a Pierogi! she talks about how she continued a family tradition from her grandmother by cooking pierogies on Christmas Eve, mess and all.

chris the cynic wrote:

I played with a picture of a tree, explained that, while it can be used as one, the fact that “Social Networking” isn’t a noun means you can’t just slap it into any spot a noun would fit into, and tried to tell you why it’s best to take the switch after they show you that one of doors you didn’t pick is empty, because for some reason that seems to confuse a lot of people.

I reposted Not Mean; But be, which was originally posted here.

The beginning of the mermaid story I started last week got me thinking about possibly trying to get started on all of the stories from the post I mentioned it in way back when, I’ll get back to that in a moment but first the idea sort of spiraled into making January a month of posting beginnnings so I asked what people thought about that idea, and rounded up all the beginnings I already had. I dug back into the archives to post the very (short) beginning of a tentacly story, and remember the thing I said I’d get back to?

Well from the same post as the mermaid story I took the band story which I’ve described as basically Twilight if you replace, “Vampires” with “female musicians,” and “abusive” with “supportive” and started on it. I should warn you that instead of a van scene it has (before the story starts) the forcible public outing of a transwoman by people she thought were her friends. If you still want to read it, it is here. Then, because I was unable to make myself do any of the better things I had to do, I translated it into and out of Japanese 11 times and posted the results in a post called, “Intentionally lost in translation“. No, I don’t know who Earl is, or how he got into the story, either.

Finally, other stuff. While other people are doing their “year in review”s I’ve only made it as far as creating an index for August of last year. I want to know if there’s any program out there that can strip the meaning from text and leave you just with the grammatical structure. (So “The boy threw the ball” becomes “article1 noun1 verb1 article1 noun2” or something like that.) And, to anyone with ADHD, I could really use some advice on how to cope.

TRiG writes:

I posted an interesting thought I found in The Guardian, namely the assertion that a favourite tactic of neocons is to cynically exploit liberal causes when it suits them. I posted links to various other people writing about the Catholic Church’s recent attacks on gay rights (an odd choice of focus for Christmas messages). I reposted one Christian minister’s meditation on losing faith. I posted a bit of fun silliness about that Icelandic volcano and the ash cloud (remember that story?).

Last week froborr wrote:

I’ve got a new My Little Po-Mo up: Just make the whole thing, you know, cooler. (Fall Weather Friends)I also started a Tumblr, mostly to share MLPo-Mo articles with the MLP community on there, but I’ve got two unrelated short pieces up as well, because they fell into length-limbo between Facebook and full-on blog posts:

On the Nonexistence of Monsters, my response to the responses I’ve seen to the Newtown/Sandy Hook shooting.

Fragment of a work in progress: Exactly what it says on the tin, a brief speech by one of the fey about creatures they predicted had to exist, but were still shocked to actually meet.

Things You Can Do

TRiG let us know that an old friend is looking for funding support surgery for a child with cerebral palsy.

There is a petition to nominate Paul Krugman for US Treasury Secretary, so if that is the sort of thing you would support, you might want to sign it.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

3 thoughts on “Updated This week in the Slacktiverse, January 5/6

  1. chris the cynic January 6, 2013 at 5:51 pm

    If anyone sent in a late addition or whatnot and it isn’t now included, I didn’t get it, please comment or send it again.

  2. Timothy (TRiG) January 7, 2013 at 5:07 am

    Thanks. And sorry for sending mine in late.


  3. kisekileia January 9, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Sorry for the lack of cute animals yesterday. I was extremely stressed with several different things and didn’t have the time or emotional energy to get the post up. I will try to get it up today.

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