Updated This week in the Slacktiverse, January 12

(posted by Ana Mardoll)

The Blogaround

Catherine wrote:

It’s been a reasonably quiet week on my music blog, though I’ve actually been doing a lot of singing practice and working on my Rosina Project (of which more later). On Sunday, I celebrated Epiphany with my favourite Epiphany (or, indeed, Christmas) anthem ever – The Three Kings, by Cornelius. It’s really gorgeous, so if you enjoy chorales with spectacular solos, do have a listen. I went to see Les Misérables in the hot weather, and had many, many opinions about it, but my main opinion was that I really need to find a way to get the French version from 1991 transferred from cassette to CD. And here’s why. And on Friday, I posted two rather brilliant duets from my favourite opera recording – Orphée aux Enfers by Offenbach, with Natalie Dessay being magnificent and hilarious in the role of Eurydice. If you like your opera funny and occasionally not safe for work, you’ll like this.

On my food blog, I’ve just realised I never posted about the market, despite having all the photos ready to go. oops. I did write a recipe for eggplant with tomatoes and yoghurt, one for a simple tuna salad, and another for pasta with ricotta and spring greens. I also added a link to the Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal, and wrote briefly about that. I’m beginning to feel I should just have a link to whichever state is having a bushfire or flood appeal at every given moment, really. Climate change, we have it.

I’ve also attempted to start a monthly vegetarian / vegan challenge on my blog, in the hope of getting some good, non-intimidating vegetarian recipes out there and in the one place. This month’s theme is substantial salads – the kind you can have as a lunch or dinner in their own right. So far, I have no takers, but hopefully this will change.

Coleslaw wrote:

I Don’t See What Difference Half an Hour Will Make“, I told my husband, proving that when I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. I understand the incident made the national news. I finally finished the Christmas Undecorating, with a few tears along the way. Do you ever read something in the news and think, I Don’t Think That’s Going to Solve the Problem? Yeah, me, too. Finally, everybody should have my problems. I’m trying to decide about a new car to buy, preferably one with a Backup camera.

TRiG wrote:

This week on my blogs I mentioned discrimination against Mayans in Mexico, a new (to me, anyway) interpretation of the Biblical story of the “widow’s mite”, the fascinating lectures on statistics of development by Hans Rosling, and gave my opinion on what priority marriage equality has as an issue of human rights. Also, since lots of people seem to have been talking about Narnia recently, I posted a collection of thoughts on Susan Pevensie.

Warning: Rape; Police misconduct
I also mentioned (and linked to a long news story on) Sara Reedy, a rape victim who was accused of lying to the police, arrested, and charged. She has now, after a massive legal battle, succeeded in changing US law around rapes and the treatment of rape victims.

Storiteller wrote:

This week was all about biking in the winter. I started with I Am Not an All Weather Cyclist, where I explained why I generally don’t cycle in cold weather and why it’s unfair to place restrictions on who is allowed to call themselves a cyclist, regardless of their seasonal habits. Because I rarely get outside in the winter, I spend a lot of time on stationary bikes of some form or another. I run through some of the options I’ve tried in Racking Up the Mileage Without Going Anywhere. Fortunately, because the temperature was unseasonably high this week, I was able to get out for one ride, as I describe and include a couple photos in Enjoying Winter’s Warmth.

chris the cynic wrote:

So the reason this is being added late is that I was kind of busy this week passed week, if you want to know more about that you can look here, but that more rightly begins in next week’s post.

I had a few things that were things I’d written before or elsewhere that I moved onto the blog to stop it from going dark while I was busy: “A Job To Do” is a completed short story (a rare thing for me) about not letting a thing like death get in the way of saving the world, “The beginning of Something” is the beginning of a novel called Something and “Some more of the beginning of Something” is exactly what it sounds like (posted when I realized the first excerpt really was very short), “A quick summing up of the Odyssey” is quick when you compare it to, you know, any reasonable summing up of the Odyssey, not quick when you compare it to anything that is actually quick (there are 24 books, several with a bunch of stuff happening in them, all in need of summaries), “Summary of beginning of story with evil monsters” is a summary of a story idea with someone who, while good at fighting of the evil monsters that have invaded, refuses to even acknowledge they exist with absolute confirmation for fear of being found to be insane.

I had a few things that were sort of miscellaneous, “Don’t minimize other people’s problems,” was in response to people (family) minimizing mine, “Regarding stamps” was finally getting around to thanking people, deciding it’s not a secret it’s a surprise, assuring everyone I’m not a James Bond villain, and pointing out that since I missed that window I’m still looking to somehow get my hands on excessive numbers of stamps, “Those tips for saving money” was about a deficiency I see in a lot of such tips, and “Ping” was not about a duck but instead asking those who read to identify themselves. (I did once have a duck named Ping.)

Lonespark (I name drop) and I went to see the Hobbit, and talked for a while, and afterwards I wrote,”Massive spoilers for the Hobbit and the new Star Trek movies, and probably anything else that comes into my head,” and if I were to list every topic it touched on it would take longer than my entire entry. Still, it didn’t cover everything because I had to add, “And another thing” which was about the Goblin economy.

Things You Can Do

TRiG let us know that an old friend is looking for funding support surgery for a child with cerebral palsy.

There is a petition to nominate Paul Krugman for US Treasury Secretary, so if that is the sort of thing you would support, you might want to sign it.

In Case You Missed This

Jeanne Manford, founder of PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) died earlier this week.

2 thoughts on “Updated This week in the Slacktiverse, January 12

  1. storiteller January 12, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Rachel Maddow had a really moving piece about Jeanne Manford and her role both in the movement and what her activism meant to Maddow: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/12/rachel-maddow-pflag-jeanne-manford_n_2463165.html

  2. storiteller January 12, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Also, I used my editorial power to add my links for the week, as I was not together enough this morning to send them in.

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