Cute Animal Tuesday #8: Fluffy Snowball Animals

(Posted by kisekileia.)

Since those of us in the northern hemisphere are in the middle of winter, today’s theme will be cute animals that are reminiscent of snowballs.

First, here is a row of soft (well, I haven’t touched them, but they look soft) fluffy snowball bunnies, courtesy of The Sarcastic Bunneh Show:
Row of snowball bunnies

And these bunnies, also from The Sarcastic Bunneh Show, look even MORE like snowballs with faces:Bunnies like snowballs with faces from Sarcastic Bunneh Show

Cute Overload has another bunny that is basically a ball of white fluff with a face.

And The Sarcastic Bunneh Show has yet ANOTHER snowball-like bunny, but this one just looks like a cotton puff with ears:

Snowball bunny butt from Sarcastic Bunneh Show
Okay, now for some snowball-like animals that aren’t bunnies. I know I tend to go pretty heavy on the bunnies, since, after all, they are my favourite animal.

On Seahawk4Life’s YouTube channel, the adorable puppy Snowball (seriously, what else could you possibly call this cutie?) plays with a tennis ball:

And another tiny fluffy white puppy, Belle, does her first tricks:

Zooborns has many lovely polar bears, both in pictures and video.

This last video is one of the most tranquil and relaxing YouTube videos I’ve seen, especially with the sound on. I recommend watching it right before bed so that you can dream of soft fluffy kittens. This is a rescue kitty, too!


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