Updated This week in the Slacktiverse, January 19th

(posted by chris the cynic)

The Blogaround

Catherine wrote:

This week has been all about cleaning, and not so much about blogging, but it turns out that I’ve still written a few bits and pieces…

On Cate Sings, I started talking a bit about my Rosina Project, and posted two composers’ interpretations of the same scene from a play (everyone writes operas based on Beaumarchais’s work). Friday’s bit of silliness was Steve Sharp Nelson’s Cello Wars. If you’ve ever wondered whether you could play a cello with a lightsaber, wonder no more! And last night, I celebrated the birth of a new elephant at the Melbourne Zoo in the most obvious way possible.

On Cate’s Cates, I’ve been doing more organisational stuff, including a new page for Nut-Free recipes. I’ve been to the market and got excited about chocolate, and I’ve made the weirdest (but authentic!) middle-eastern dessert ever, after consultation with my local middle-eastern grocer. I’m still looking for awesome vegetarian salad recipes, too (though I have three now), so if you have some, please submit them to my challenge here.

Next week, I’m off at a singing course at the other end of town every day, and won’t have much internet access – I’m desperately trying to pre-write blog posts and organise food for the week this weekend, but hopefully this time next week, I will be a much better singer! Wish me luck!

Coleslaw wrote:

This week, A Knock at the Door introduced me to one of the candidates in an upcoming special election, and a flyer in the mail introduced me to his Opposition. So far, I don’t like either of my choices. And being a small donor to a local philanthropic organization gets me access to Award Night with one of America’s best authors and one of America’s best musicians on the agenda.

chris the cynic wrote:

I started this week with a post called, “Back to school, but crunch time over (for now)” which is part of why last week’s submission was days late, crunch time wasn’t over until after the deadline for submissions had passed (by two days.)

On the fiction front I wrote up an idea I’ve had for a story inspired by the Christmas truce but taking a sharp turn at the part where in real life the truce ended. I wrote a translator’s introduction, to the Zombie Survial Guide I may or may not write, explaining why there is a survival guide for zombies and how it was put into English given that zombies cannot speak human languages. (So you’ve just turned into a Zombie could be seen as the zombie introduction to said guide.) And in my ongoing attempt to get the stories in this post started I wrote “The space thing story maybe in medias res beginning maybe” which if it qualifies as a beginning is the third from that post (one (mermaid), two (band).)

I finally returned to .hack//Sign: with “Boggled Minds” which covers a conversation between Subaru and the Silver Knight on Tsukasa, the reasons Subaru has to be interested, the difference between what should be done and what can be done, and why the system administration can’t fix things.

Reinstalling Mirror’s Edge got me thinking about difficulty settings, and caused me to propose a hypothetical game that I would make given no money or time constraints and the rights to Mirror’s Edge.

In other news, I made an index for September 2012, I talked about my ongoing dealings with bureaucracy, and the utility of paperclips.

TRiG wrote:

I’ve not written any posts for my main blog this week, but on my links blog I’ve continued to post one link a day to a story or article I found interesting. So this week I have some quotes about the religious freedom to pretend that contraception causes abortions, some rather fun posters illustrating the strange things clients say to designers, a lovely photo of a boy and a deer in Japan, a bunch of links to articles about sexism in fantasy, and, finally, the shocking revelation that I’m actually a conservative (at least in programming terms).

Last week Storiteller wrote:

This week was all about biking in the winter. I started with I Am Not an All Weather Cyclist, where I explained why I generally don’t cycle in cold weather and why it’s unfair to place restrictions on who is allowed to call themselves a cyclist, regardless of their seasonal habits. Because I rarely get outside in the winter, I spend a lot of time on stationary bikes of some form or another. I run through some of the options I’ve tried in Racking Up the Mileage Without Going Anywhere. Fortunately, because the temperature was unseasonably high this week, I was able to get out for one ride, as I describe and include a couple photos in Enjoying Winter’s Warmth.

Last week chris the cynic wrote:

So the reason this is being added late is that I was kind of busy this week passed week, if you want to know more about that you can look here, but that more rightly begins in next week’s post.

I had a few things that were things I’d written before or elsewhere that I moved onto the blog to stop it from going dark while I was busy: “A Job To Do” is a completed short story (a rare thing for me) about not letting a thing like death get in the way of saving the world, “The beginning of Something” is the beginning of a novel called Something and “Some more of the beginning of Something” is exactly what it sounds like (posted when I realized the first excerpt really was very short), “A quick summing up of the Odyssey” is quick when you compare it to, you know, any reasonable summing up of the Odyssey, not quick when you compare it to anything that is actually quick (there are 24 books, several with a bunch of stuff happening in them, all in need of summaries), “Summary of beginning of story with evil monsters” is a summary of a story idea with someone who, while good at fighting of the evil monsters that have invaded, refuses to even acknowledge they exist with absolute confirmation for fear of being found to be insane.

I had a few things that were sort of miscellaneous, “Don’t minimize other people’s problems,” was in response to people (family) minimizing mine, “Regarding stamps” was finally getting around to thanking people, deciding it’s not a secret it’s a surprise, assuring everyone I’m not a James Bond villain, and pointing out that since I missed that window I’m still looking to somehow get my hands on excessive numbers of stamps, “Those tips for saving money” was about a deficiency I see in a lot of such tips, and “Ping” was not about a duck but instead asking those who read to identify themselves. (I did once have a duck named Ping.)

Lonespark (I name drop) and I went to see the Hobbit, and talked for a while, and afterwards I wrote,”Massive spoilers for the Hobbit and the new Star Trek movies, and probably anything else that comes into my head,” and if I were to list every topic it touched on it would take longer than my entire entry. Still, it didn’t cover everything because I had to add, “And another thing” which was about the Goblin economy.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

8 thoughts on “Updated This week in the Slacktiverse, January 19th

  1. Timothy (TRiG) January 19, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Did I send my submission to the wrong e-mail address (perfectly possible, as I was using webmail rather than Thunderbird)?


  2. christhecynic January 19, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    We didn’t get anything, so regardless of whether the mistake was on your end or something with gmail or what, I’d definitely resend. And since it’ll be added late, it’ll be included as “Last week TRiG wrote…” next week so that anyone who only reads these when they first go out is sure to see it.

  3. storiteller January 19, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks for adding my stuff from last week. I was a bum again and spent all afternoon reading Order of the Stick instead of writing a blog post like I was supposed to. Also, I thought the deadline was 8 PM EST, but this went up a couple hours before that. Have I been getting my timezones wrong?

  4. christhecynic January 20, 2013 at 8:13 am

    Got your email, updated the post.

    In theory it’s 8 PM GMT, which is a tradition carried over from typepad. In practice I don’t check when people sent something in when I start putting the post together, I just make sure not to start putting it together until after the deadline has passed (which isn’t hard since the deadline is in the afternoon local time and I tend to work on the post at evening or night.)

    If a different deadline would be better, it wouldn’t be a problem to change it.

  5. Timothy (TRiG) January 20, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Thanks, chris. I’ll try to have some actual writing done before next week’s blogaround. Linking to my links blog seems silly, since that’s often just a link elsewhere. At least all the ones here are a collection of links, or a link plus a (very) short essay. The things I have queued up for next week were all written in a hurry late at night, so they really are just links. So if I don’t get any writing done on the main blog I’ll have nothing for next week.

    Also, I’ll try to remember the right e-mail address in future.


  6. storiteller January 20, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    Oh, I thought it was noon GMT, which is actually 7 PM EST. For some reason, I thought it had changed from one to the other to be more towards Saturday night than afternoon. I’ll remember that in the future!

  7. christhecynic January 21, 2013 at 10:27 am

    My memory is that it tended to get done towards Saturday night anyway, and that’s something I’m interested in maintaining because putting it toward the night rather than closer to the submission deadline allows a regular post to go up Saturday morning and then the weekend post has all day Sunday to itself. So if pushing back the deadline would help people there’d be no problem on my end since I aim for Saturday night rather than Saturday afternoon (local time which, since I’m the one speaking, means EST) anyway.

  8. Timothy (TRiG) January 22, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Later would probably suit me too, but I’m not to bothered. The earlier deadline is one I should be able to meet, were I slightly less disorganised than I always am.


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