This week in the Slacktiverse, January 26th

(posted by chris the cynic)

The Blogaround

Coleslaw wrote:

Oh, Joy. I have volunteered to be United Methodist Women secretary at St. Anonymous, only I have a different idea of what we should be doing from the others. A Little Theater production of an Edward Albee play leaves me thinking, “To the Moon, Martha, to the Moon“. (Content note: some brief references to domestic violence.) We also made a trip to see a professional production of Jersey Boys, and some activities on the bus trip down led to a post In Which I Emulate Penn and Teller, and another one about More Fun on the Bus, unless a list of factoids that may or may not be true is not your idea of fun. Yes, yes, I’ll get around to my thoughts on Jersey Boys next week. By then I might have an answer to my email to one of the state legislative candidates I wrote about, too.

Catherine wrote:

Hi all,I have survived a week of voice lessons and limited computer access, and am now absolutely ready for my nap. But I did write a blog post or two, admittedly, all well ahead of time, but since they posted last week, I think they count!

(I also got to bring lots and lots of cake along to share with all my fellow students on the Friday, because I’m incapable of attending anything for any length of time without bringing cake)

On Cate’s Cates, I reviewed high tea at the Jump Inn Cafe in the Yarra Valley, failed to resist the giant zucchini, made some muesli and posted a recipe for my favourite posh meal, a beautiful green salad with peaches through it, topped with slices of steak, home-made mayonnaise, and garlic toasts. I feel happy just thinking about that one, actually. The vegetarian salad challenge is still running, incidentally, and is slowly picking up a nice collection of recipes. It ends on Friday, so now’s your last chance if you want to submit a recipe.

On Cate Sings, I compared three recordings of Scherza Infida, a truly gorgeous aria by Handel, originally written for castrato, and now fought over by tenors, counter-tenors and mezzo sopranos the world over. I’ll leave you to decide which you prefer… Friday’s bit of amusement was Cadenza performing ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ in styles ranging from Gregorian Chant to Jazz, Disco, Rap and beyond. And last night I just had to post Katie Noonan singing Blackbird, because we were shown an excerpt of it at my course, and I was instantly enamoured. I hope you will be, too.

(Content note: Food insecurity, slight Hunger Games spoilers, pregnancy)

Last week, Storiteller wrote about using one of her favorite winter foods, butternut squash. In Build Me Up, Butternut, she talks about why she likes this vegetable so much and provides a recipe for curried butternut squash soup. This week, she contemplates how one of her big issues, sustainable food, is portrayed in culture. In Culture Shock: What I’ve Learned About Sustainable Food from the Hunger Games, she thinks about what we can take in real-life from this dystopic (and great) novel. She also announces her pregnancy on her blog, so that she can talk about what it’s like to bike as a pregnant woman. In Biking with a Baby-to-be on Board, she describes how while she’s still cycling, she’s had to shift her expectations.

That’s it for me! Have a good week!

chris the cynic wrote:

The week started with two very short bits inspired by conversation at Ana Mardoll’s about making vampire bones into baseball bats. As such conversations are wont to do it involved weeping angels and vampire teeth so (Snarky) Bella and the Doctor had a conversation about the whole can’t kill a stone thing and then I wrote about the height of weapons technology.

Then I asked, “What are the best free books?” though by free I really mean not under copyright which isn’t precisely the same thing. Then it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so I carried on in my ongoing attempt to get everyone to read the Letter From Birmingham Jail by summarizing bits of it. Then I asked a question about how to get a computer to do something for me (I know almost nothing about programming) and may have since gotten all the answer I’ll ever need but honestly have yet to find the time to check.

On the story front in Skewed Slightly to the left I had Nicolae actually act like a villian, I went back to the start of Twilight and wrote the beginnings of Edith and Ben and Snarky Twilight. I wrote Random Bits of Twilight including a bit of Snarky Twilight apocrypha and also Edward with angel wings. I wrote a second post on the idea for the game I’d make given the rights to Mirror’s Edge and unlimited resources. I continued the band story by skipping around in it getting parts that I thing belong in the early middle and very late middle written down (I wrote them in reverse order though.)

Ok, so, on the subject of my life I summed up my ongoing dealings with buraucracy (short version: I’ve talked to four people and heard five things, yup someone disagreed with herself), I’ve started taking American Sign Language, I’m being bullied by a hypocrite which feels strangle anachronistic as I’m in university and I thought the bullying stopped before I left high school, Blogger is messing up my footnotes but I can fix them so I’m counting on you to tell me if any are still screwed up, Apparently I won for most creative attempt to map the tripartite soul onto the Trinity which is what you’ll find if you follow the link, and Hillary Clinton’s glasses have allowed me not only to identify her as a time lord, but also to tell which one she is.

Finally I wrote a post called “My sister and I have differing ideas of the question of evil“. The short version is that she doesn’t think there are evil people, just people caught up in systems where they’re pushed and pushed and end up doing evil without realizing it. I think that bad systems with perverse incentives do result in a lot of evil things, including evil things done by good people, but I also think that there are people who are identifiably evil. I think that even caught up in systems that push you to do evil things without even realizing it there a moments when people, especially people with power, are faced with both the realization that something bad was done and the decision on what to do about it. What choice they make at that crossroad isn’t due to the system, it’s due to themselves, and since it is a choice between good and evil, a clear cut one at that, I think if they choose evil they’re demonstrating that they’re evil people. (Which is not to say they’re beyond reform.) The long version involves BP, Banks, and someone who tells lies in order to keep profits high for companies that make flame retardants that don’t work but do cause cancer and lower IQs.

Last week TRiG wrote:

I’ve not written any posts for my main blog this week, but on my links blog I’ve continued to post one link a day to a story or article I found interesting. So this week I have some quotes about the religious freedom to pretend that contraception causes abortions, some rather fun posters illustrating the strange things clients say to designers, a lovely photo of a boy and a deer in Japan, a bunch of links to articles about sexism in fantasy, and, finally, the shocking revelation that I’m actually a conservative (at least in programming terms).

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

One thought on “This week in the Slacktiverse, January 26th

  1. Firedrake January 28, 2013 at 4:34 am

    I like the idea of St Anonymous. “We’re not sure who he, or quite possibly she, was, but she (or he) did some really great things…”

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