Cute Animal Tuesday #9: Black Animals

To balance out the last Cute Animal Tuesday, which had snowball-like animals, today’s cute animals will be black. Black cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. often have a hard time finding homes due to prejudice. However, they are just as lovely pets as other colours of animals, and just as adorable.

A beautiful, fluffy black cat named Missy, posted by Black Cat Rescue here:

missywindow from Black Cat Rescue

An adorable black kitten from Glendeer Pet Farm in Ireland:

black-kitten from Glendeer Pet Farm

Black lab puppy and her littermates, 12 days old:

Baby bear learns to use a slide:

Baby bunny plays on a bed:

The Anderson-Ericksons at The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee: an adorable litter of black and white kittens.

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