Board Business, January 31st

(posted by chris the cynic)

And then I remembered that this was my job.  Actually I remembered I had to do this today hours ago but you probably know how long it takes me to get to things by now.  (Working on changing that but still not there yet.)

The good news is that either there’s nothing particularly special you’re missing out on by me not posting earlier, or I’ve been too out of it to notice.

Lonespark is still trying to organize a New England Slacktivite meet up in the thread that exists for that topic. The thread Firedrake has set up for anyone in the UK who might be interested in a meetup is still there.  If anyone not in those two small portions of the world is interested in a meet up, the correct course of action is still to start a thread of your own on the forums.

Same old stuff.

Regular Business

Tomorrow is Deconstruction Friday

I guess the submission deadline for the weekend post will be pushed back to 20:00 EST (was GMT) because some people would appreicaite the extra hours and we don’t want to kick the Saturday post off the front of the page too soon anyway.

Anyone who has submissions for the weekend post should send them in.  Some people wonder if they really deserve to be in the post.  The answer to that is always the same: You do.  So try not to be afraid and do try to send in submissions if you have them.

The sections of the post are as follows:

The Blogaround

Any denizen of the Slacktiverse who has posted an article to their own website since they last submitted to a weekend post is invited, enticed, and cajoled to send a short summary of that article along with its permalink to the group email. That summary and link will be included in the next weekend blogaround. This will help to keep members of our community aware of the many excellent websites hosted by other members.

Remember, this is since you last submitted to a weekend post, not since the last weekend post. For example, if the last time you submitted was a month ago, everything you wrote since then is fair game.

In Case You Missed This

Readers of The Slacktiverse can send short summaries of, and permalinks to, articles that they feel might be of interest to other readers.  These should be sent, as you might expect, to the group email.

Things You Can Do

Anyone who knows of a worthy cause or important petition should send a short description of the petition/cause along with its url to the group email.

Please email all submissions to said group email address (SlacktiverseAuthors at gmail dot com). The deadline this week is 20:00 EST.

Urgent or time-sensitive announcements will be posted immediately rather than being held for the next regular Weekend Post.  But you’ll have to tell me they’re urgent or time sensitive because it’s liable to go right over my head if you don’t.

As usual this can be considered a completely open thread if you feel the need for one.

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