(late) This week in the Slacktiverse, February 4th

(posted by chris the cynic)

The Blogaround

Coleslaw wrote:

In our first episode of As the Cricket Chirps, I send an email to one of the candidates in our legislative special election, and don’t get an answer. Still, there’s news. Oh, What a Night -Uh, AfternoonJersey Boys was fun. I speculate about the relationship between certainty and accuracy in predictions in Are You Sure About That, Cassandra? Finally, for other pastors looking to stiff a waitress by comparing her tips to God’s, Here’s a Tip. Learn Some Math.

This week, Storiteller attended a local seed swap where she learned a lot about gardening – hopefully enough to actually succeed in her plant-raising goals this year.  In Swapping Seeds for Fun and Not Profit, she describes what she’s going to do with information about growing plants under grow lights (not those type of plants) and why it might end up being a lot cheaper than she anticipated.  (Do-it-yourself for the win!)

Catherine wrote:

Hi all,
… hoping to scrape in before it’s too late (I’ve been sick for a couple of days)!

On Cate’s Cates, we finished the Vegetarian Salads challenge (6 people participated, including me) and commenced the Lunchbox Challenge (2 participants so far, obviously this one is more appealing to people!)  I also wrote a recipe for very nearly healthy oaty cookies with dried apricots and raisins.  Oh, and I went to the Farmers’ Market in a state of total and somewhat hilarious exhaustion, with the result that I got home and discovered all these amazing surprises in my shopping bag – I literally had no memory of what I had bought.

On Cate Sings, I wrote a review of the course I just did.  Monday’s music was one of the most gorgeous and unusual baroque arias I’ve heard, written by Jose de Nebra and performed by Patricia Petibon, who was clearly having far too much fun.  Mind you, the top notes on that woman are just swoon-worthy, so as far as I’m concerned, she can have as much fun as she likes. For Friday, we had the deliciously silly ‘Art is Calling for Me’, sung by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.  Not on Cate Sings is the fact that I was so enamoured by the Katie Noonan video I posted the previous week that I went out and bought the CD of Blackbird, and have been playing it all week…

And that’s about it for me!  I’m back at work tomorrow, and will undoubtedly land head-down in Grant Hell, so I may be quiet for the next little bit.  I hope everyone has a good week!

Last week TRiG wrote:

Did you know that high-heeled shoes were once the mark of the male aristocracy?

I also did a bit of geek blogging, writing a short essay on five different ways of making sales over the internet, and one on how to write signed languages.

chris the cynic wrote:

This week I started with [Insert post title here.] which is exactly what it sounds like. Then I recommended that before one commences venting they check to see who the exhaust will hit.

I talked about a couple of perfectly legitimate should be profitable business models that were instead scams. Well, one was an outright scam, the other was just scammy. Scamish. Scamoidal in shape.

In the realm of stuff with no purpose I posted, “Interesting ways of making word salad (Post 1),” In which I asked others to help me with what will be the first of many steps in one of the ways. Then I tried to reconstruct from memory something I did ages ago attempting to extend tic-tac-toe into higher dimensions only realize that in dimensions four and higher it’s borked because the first player can force a win.

Finally I announced that I’m now on Archive of Our Own, so some of my work will be ported over there in the coming days.

In Case You Missed This

Either everyone is as lacking in free time as me, or most people don’t feel like sharing things they read, which is why this section rarely shows up. But here’s something from here that, those in the New England at least, shouldn’t miss. Unofficial get together on the 21st of this month, five open seats in the van going from Boston to Portland.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

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