Updated This week in the Slacktiverse, March 3, 2013

(posted by storiteller)

The Blogaround

Coleslaw wrote:

Well, I Thought It Was Funny when my four most read posts for the week, in order, made up a message. But then, I have a warped sense of humor.

Content Note: Sexism in Pop Culture
If you want to get away with crude jokes and songs at the Oscars, That’s the Way You Do It.

Content Note: Domestic Violence
My third post, Getting Dressed, is the second of two works that I once had published and got paid for. (Both were in newspapers that solicited essays from readers for their Lifestyles sections, so neither is that big a deal.) Its publication is one of the events I referred to in my blog post about how I was once the most dangerous person on earth.

Storiteller wrote about her experience attending a local free gardening conference last weekend in Growing Urban Agriculture at Rooting DC.  She particularly enjoyed how the conference not only offered great information about growing your own food, but reflected the increasing cultural, racial, and economic diversity of the needs and people participating in Washington D.C.’s local food movement.
chris the cynic wrote:
Trig wrote:

So this week in geek news I mentioned the Python trademark woes in Europe. In humour, I linked to a Texan take on Shelly’s “Ozimandias” and a political snark on Mitt Romney.

Content Note: Racism
I also put up two posts which mention race and racism. Fiction was forced on fact in the Liberation of Paris. Meanwhile in fiction, who is the default human being?

Things You Can Do

Storiteller says:

One of my friends from graduate school who is a long-time climate change protester was arrested last year with the group No Dash for Gas for sitting on top of a power station in non-violent protest. The British government is in the process of constructing 20 new natural gas fired power stations in collaboration with utilities that will be exempt from future restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions instead of investing in renewable energy. He fully expected to be arrested, but the new twist on it is that now the utility is trying to sue the protesters for £5m. To push back and get enough bad PR for the company to drop the suit, the No Dash for Gas Campaign been going on a media blitz, including trying to get more “likes” for their Facebook page than the utility has in total.

In Case You Missed This

No news here this week. Feel free to mention anything in the comments if you think of it!

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