Compensatory Cute Animals

(Posted by kisekileia.)

So, pretty much everyone who posts stuff here, me included, has been swamped in the past week and a half, and we have all failed at routinely getting things up. There’s at least one post in the pipeline, but people have to get stuff together.

In the meantime, here are some cute animals. These came up when I discovered that the AND operator is important when doing searches for things like “fluffy AND adorable AND baby AND bunnies,” because otherwise there will be stray pictures of things that you do not want to see. Many, but not all, of these pictures are in fact fluffy adorable baby bunnies.

This picture is from Tumblr. I’m not sure of the original source. It’s cute though!Bunnies from tumblr

This sweet little bunny appears to have been originally posted by Fra-Emer on DeviantArt, and has been reposted by We Heart It.

fluffy ball bunny by flart on Tumblr


I’m not sure exactly why these came up in a search for bunnies, but they’re adorable. They were posted by


And now for a heartwarming picture from A Cute A Day.



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