This week in the Slacktiverse, March 30th/31st, 2013

(posted and compiled by chris the cynic, written by various)

The Blogaround

Catherine wrote:

On my food blog, I’ve been to the market and done a lot of baking. I also made mole sauce, and then didn’t know what to do with it. My Easter Egg Inspirations Challenge was basically empty all month until the 30th, when all of a sudden people started doing amazing things, prompting me to guiltily create two recipes – one for quail eggs made of egg-yolk candy and white chocolate and another for a cross between macarons and macaroons, to use up all the egg whites.

I’m also celebrating autumn in a big way, with roast vegetable pasta, slow-cooked quinces and a new vegetarian challenge for April – Sweet Spices, Savoury Suppers.

On my music blog, I wrote about Lizst’s Die Loreley, with bonus portraits of the young and gorgeous Lizst, and I found a silly 6-minute version of Les Miserables. Then I went into Easter mode (I sang in five services this weekend), with Walton’s Litany on Palm Sunday, Ubi Caritas on Maundy Thursday and He Was Despised on Good Friday. And I still haven’t done an Easter post, though it’s after midnight on Easter Monday now…

That’s it for me. I really do need to be more organised about sending these around, don’t I? That’s a bit epic.

(Content note: Pregnancy)
Storiteller thought about food quite a bit this week.  She finally got around to starting her garden by planting tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and broccoli to start indoors, as she describes in The Mysteries of Seed Starting.  As her pregnancy progresses, she’s been thinking a lot about how she wants to raise her child and in particular, what she wants to teach him about the world.  In Lessons for My Unborn Son on Food, she describes what values about food she hopes she and her husband can pass on to him.

chris the cynic wrote:

This week Lonespark and I met Izzy.

In response to Arizona considering making it a criminal act to enter a public restroom (or various other places) where the sign on the door doesn’t match the sex listed on our birth certificate, I said that, if it became a law, following the law exactly might be an effective protest strategy, with my suggested place for doing so being wherever Arizona legislators use public restrooms.

I put forward my standard biblical defense for marriage equality which also serves as a Biblical refutation of homophobia and transphobia (New Testament so it should theoretically be seen by Christians to override the Old Testament stuff on the subject.)

And I pointed out that not everyone has the same religion in response to some people talking about “our lord” on a non-religious presumably diverse area of the internet. Since that seemed kind of sparse I added an excerpt of David Sedaris talking about Easter and faith in French class.

In Case You Missed This

North Dakota, a state that only has one abortion clinic in the first place, passed three new laws to try to crack down on… um… choice I guess. The man who signed them into law admitted that even he doesn’t know if the laws are constitutional.

The position of all, or almost all, the atoms in a nano-particle of platinum have been mapped in 3D ushering a new era of magnification. (And you thought the electron microscope was the best we could do.)

The discovery of genetic transistors is apparently important.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Tau Neutrino.

Things You Can Do

Sharks are cute, sharks are nice, and one died for a commercial. That part after the “and” doesn’t sound very good. There’s a petition about that.

Someone thinks that we should Tell President Obama: No more toxic sludge because water is important and such.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

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