Cute Animal Tuesday #14

(Posted by kisekileia.)

Since this is the first Cute Animal Tuesday I’ve done since Easter, here are some bunnies for Easter.

This lovely bunny comes from Jebarooney on Facebook.
White bunny with bow

Cute Overload describes this picture as a ‘Bunny Board Meeting‘. The bunnies do seem to be quite intently crowded around their pile of delicious grass.

Bunny Board Meeting from Cute Overload

People keep sending me this picture, which comes from r/funny on Reddit. I wonder why. Comments there say the picture was taken on Okunoshima, known as Bunny/Rabbit Island in Japan. Apparently in the late 1920s through World War II, chemical weapons development and testing took place on the island, with tests sometimes done on rabbits :(. Those rabbits were killed when the weapons factory was demolished. However, after World War II was over, the island was turned into a park, and rabbits were released on the island to live free in peace. The island is still a park, with a small museum about poison gas and lots of beautiful bunnies. (Source: Wikipedia.)

Crazy bunny lady

This video is from After The Rain Rabbitry. After The Rain Rabbitry’s videos have a consistent theme: Somebody tries to line up a litter of adorable baby bunnies in a nice orderly row, but then the bunnies squirm and wiggle and move all over the place, and the camera tries to keep up. The videos are all pretty similar, except that they have different cute little baby bunnies at different ages, but they’re also all very cute.

I have plans for next week’s cute animals already. They won’t be bunnies, but they will be VERY adorable. Seriously, there is weapons-grade cute coming.

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