This week in the Slacktiverse, April 29th, 2013

(posted and compiled by chris the cynic, written by various members of The Slacktiverse)

Each day had it’s own reasons for delay, but if you’re wondering why this is so late in the day today you can read about my day here (CN: pain, apathy, peripheral mention of hostages), though I’m not going to use that as a contribution until next week as the delays were not to make me able to post more stuff this week or any other sneaky thing.  So don’t feel pressured to read it now or any such thing, it’ll be in the usual place next week.

The Blogaround

Catherine wrote:

I’ve been going for drama on my music blog this week, with Erlkönig on Monday, and an a capella (mostly) heavy metal group on Friday.  The latter is something I would never have imagined I would like, but I’m becoming strangely addicted to their music – their musicianship is just astonishing, and what they can do with their voices is absolutely amazing!

You can always tell when I’ve been organised on my food blog, because the posts turn up regularly at midday every second day… so last week was quite organised, in fact!  Next week almost certainly won’t be.  On Sunday, I went to the farmers’ market and was astonished to find both quinces (appropriate for autumn) and asparagus (wildly out of season, but I’m not going to say no).  On Tuesday, I made roasted root vegetables with tahini, maple syrup and spices for my Sweet Spices, Savoury Suppers challenge, which is still running for a few more days if you want to add a recipe.    On Thursday, I posted the best of my birthday cakes, a Carrot Everything Cake, which is full of glacé and dried fruit and uses maple syrup, bananas and dates for sweetening and is just gorgeous, if I say so myself.  And yesterday, I joined the rather fun In My Kitchen blogaround, and took photos of some of the more amusing things currently lurking in my kitchen.

Hope everyone else’s week was full of food they loved and music that inspired them!

Coleslaw wrote:

This past week I said Good-bye, Old Friend to my old car, and commemorated World Malaria Day. Also, as promised, I explained How I Became a Vampire.

chris the cynic wrote:

Technological progress in one photo.

After that photo, which I’ve been meaning to get a good shot of for years, everything was in some way related to the birth of my nephew last Monday.  (So anyone who can’t/doesn’t-want-to take birth narratives stop here.)  I still haven’t gotten a post on the full birth story, or rather the events surrounding the birth (though my sister doesn’t remember it she barred me, along with everyone else, from entering when I returned to the ward and once the birth started no one was let in, only those already in the room remained.)

So first I have a post started before my nephew was born about how of the woman with the sword, the man with the gas mask, the other assorted characters, it was me with a camera that tripped someone’s “Could that be a terrorist?” bells and then it gets kind of scattered because the birth happened while I was writing, and there was stuff to say about people knowing exactly what I meant when I said where the rail line meets the out of use prison road near the hole in the chain link fence.

Next came a post following me finally meeting the new relative, whose name turned out to be Jensen (no connection to Supernatural), then how persistent lack of sleep was preventing me from getting posts written including the above still unfinished one, then why the title of that post had been profanity which wasn’t about the persistent lack of sleep but I managed to totally forget to mention, and finally a list of started blog posts to let people know that persistent lack of sleep surround the birth didn’t mean I was going to have nothing new to say.

In Case You Missed This

I swear that some really important stuff happened but my memory is shot and no one submitted anything.

Things You Can Do

Good Mourning Publishing is still looking for submissions to their Shifting Hearts anthology.  If you can write a romantic short story, and do it well, now would be a good time.

Shifting Hearts is to be an anthology of short romantic fiction, in which at least one of the love interests is otherkin/therian. Any identification of otherkin or therian is accepted. No vampires, p-shifting, or paranormal themes; strictly real world depictions. […]

All gender pairings, sub-genre, and content rating are accepted for this book, but the main theme has to be romance. The word limit is a 15,000 word maximum with no minimum word count.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

One thought on “This week in the Slacktiverse, April 29th, 2013

  1. storiteller April 30, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    CN: Birth

    I totally get understand allowing people in the room for the birth of a child. My husband and I are going to be the only ones there besides the medical staff and that’s exactly how we want it. That’s in part because it’s unlikely our family will be able to get down in time, but I think I’d probably kick them out anyway once transitioning (the hardest part before you start pushing) started. It’s an intensely personal experience.

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