This forever in the Slacktiverse, July 30th, 2013

(posted and compiled by chris the cynic, written by members of The Slacktiverse)

If everything were as it should be there wouldn’t have been a long hiatus, this would have been posted on Saturday, two out of the last three days wouldn’t have been Hell, Monday would have had pictures of cute wombats, and so forth.  But this post isn’t about me.

In fact I want to take this opportunity to say how very much not about me things are.  I’m not the only one behind the curtain, I’m not the only one in the comments, and I often wish we had more people getting in the bylines because having my name there over and over can, I think, overshadow that this place has always, since Fred created it by giving his typepad site to the community when he left for a new home on patheos, been about the community.  No one person, us as a group.  A group that changes with the time and whatnot, so no one member can truly represent it.  Which is why I wish we were seeing more names in the byline, more links in the blogaround, and so forth.

Even if you think your blog posts are crap (and to the one person likely to think I’m singling zir out: I’m not) they were good enough for you to put out there once.  Share with the rest of the class.  Look at the crap I sometimes submit for [profane expletive of choice]’s sake.

Rant over, now to your regularly scheduled, except not on it’s regular schedule, post:

The Blogaround

chris the cynic wrote:

With respect to movies I wrote that Percy Jackson and the Olympians annoys me because it has Percy as the single most precious snowflake of a demigod in the history of history.  That post also had a bit of how I would do it.  (It’s one of the four vaguely formed stories with a transfemale main character kicking around in my head.) I commented on spelling movie titles using ancient Greek letters because one spelled out “S#SKT%L” (punctuation marks for not-Greek letters) which was not the title of the movie.  I speculated that the movie title Sharknado was created using two dartboards.  And I commented that the Sci-fi Channel (still not calling it SeeFee no matter how many proper-noun-terminal-Ys they put in) couldn’t decide whether the theme of Sharknado was in the shark or the -nado because they told my local provider they were doing weather movies and Sharknado but actually did shark movies and Sharknado.

On the original stuff front I proposed a series based around the idea of an action movie.  Instead of showing the action movie, it would show all of the people who the action movie with its requisite explosions and gunfights and car chases had an effect upon.  After the idea was refined in the comments (upbeat series about how one takes being run over by an action movie and still gets happy ending) I made another post on four installments of such a series (the two people who had their cars stolen for the for the chase, two street vendors who had their carts destroyed in that chase) and asked, in all seriousness, if people thought there was any chance of making this thing into a comic book/graphic novel in real life.

Had a lot of stuff on my computer but the end result is this: I have a new screen and a new cable connecting the screen to the rest of the laptop.  It still cannot produce the color red but at least all of the other problems are gone.

My financial state is problematic as ever, had some posts on that.  Just in general as well as thank you for donations. The fact that donations are probably the best present you can get me for my birthday on the third.  How right now I can be financially OK while still on the brink of disaster in about a month.  More Birthday talk.

My mental health is worse than usual.  I finally got insurance (yay!) that I was due via the state but this came at the same time as the free samples of the only medication that ever worked ran out and the insurance wanted me to try a cheaper thing first which, while there was hope it might work, didn’t.  So first I lost the ability to care.  Most other stuff is not documented but four days ago I was laying on the floor wishing I could just close my eyes and have the world go away.

I also spent way too much time answering someone’s questions about the Avengers, when almost (but not quite) all of them could be easily answered by watching the movie.

And, to end on a happy note: I am now a published author.

In Case You Missed This

Firedrake wrote:

Brin Bellway wrote:

Smells Like Words: a personal view of anosmia (lacking a sense of smell).

Here’s a few links people might find interesting, Silver Tyger wrote:

Gender’s Giving Sci-Fi and Fantasy the COOTIES! – “I wasn’t just a no-frills kind of girl. On school picture day, I rocked a pair of boys’ Transformers sandals. There was more to me than met the eye. True, I was born with certain genitals and I wore my hair very, very long until I was an adult. But no matter how hard people tried – and sometimes they tried with fists and guns – nobody was able to convince me that my crotch defined my self.” Discusses writing varied heroes. With cites! (From I like a little Science In My Fiction). CN: discussions of gender essentialism, minor mention of gender-based threat)

Reactions to My Gender – reactions to different types of cis-sexism (from Nerd is my Gender). I’ve had too many of these happen to me.

The sickening grunch – “Anyway, I was talking with another young woman about Irish monastic penitentials or something like that when a couple of guys in a big ol’ car started the wolf-whistle-leer-and-comment-suggestively bit, with particular reference to my breasts. There it was-the sickening grunch as I landed involuntarily back in my body-and not my entire body, either, but specific parts of it. The conversation was ruined.” (from Caveat Lector)

chris the cynic writes:

My Birthday is August 3rd.

Ana Mardoll gave an update on the Texas Fillibuster transcript project.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about go there and learn about it.  Though be warned: Wendy Davis will reaffirm your faith in humanity; the other side will crush it.  These two things will happen at the same time.  Where you’ll end up on the other side is unclear.

Things You Can Do

Often Things You Can Do is for some other, a stranger or a group you can’t place a face on.  This is good and right and proper and such.  When we stop caring, or at a minimum making ourselves act like we care/remembering we should care when we are unable to actually care, about those we don’t personally know we lose a vital part of what makes up morality.  But we also have people here who are not others.  That’s what a community is.  It was up to me (chris the cynic) to decide whether the following submission belonged here.  No special authority, the submitter didn’t know; I’m compiling the post.  So it falls to me.  I say it does.

Ellie Murasaki wrote:
I got diagnosed with asthma last week and the meds expense has kicked a nice hole in my budget. I’m offering to write fiction on commission, semi-pro per-word pricing. Details and Paypal. My preference is that all these stories be fantasy focused on marginalized people (women, people of color, queer people, people with disabilities…), but I’m willing to take a crack at about anything. I also have jewelry for sale and a book for sale (and keep an eye out for another this autumn!) If you can’t, won’t, or don’t want to pay me for art but you do want to give me a hand, signal-boost me and/or leave appreciative comments on the poetry and flash fiction on my Dreamwidth, the master publications list is here.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


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