Deconstruction Round Up, October 4th, 2013

(by the Slacktiverse and others; collected by chris the cynic)

Ana Mardoll: Ana Mardoll’s Ramblings

Multiple Deconstructions:

bluecarrot: littledeconstruction on WordPress and Tumblr

Little Women: first post: WordPressTumblr

Chapter IV: Made-Up Burdens and Some Real Ones: WordPressTumblr

Erika M. and Will Wildman: Something Short and Snappy

Fred Clark: Slacktivist

Froborr: My Little Po-Mo

Philip SandiferPhilip Sandifer: Writer

Yamikuronue: Raven Wings

Multiple Deconstructions:

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One thought on “Deconstruction Round Up, October 4th, 2013

  1. christhecynic October 4, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    I have responses to Ana, Ana again, and Fred.

    Re: Twilight

    Jacob: Bella, you absitively posolutely can’t become a vampire yet.
    Bella: Why not?
    Jacob: Female vampires can’t have children and one of your eggs is my soulmate.

    *After Bella has a baby*

    Jacob: Wrong egg, keep trying.

    Oh, and I almost forgot:

    Chapter 9: Theory
    Bella: My mind doesn’t work right? I’m a freak?
    Edward: I hear voices in my mind and you’re worried that you’re the freak.
    Bella: Thank you so much for appropriating my insecurities and doing it in the most condescending way possible.
    Edward: It’s what I’m here for.
    Bella: You’re holding something back.
    Edward: Like what?
    Bella: I don’t know. You’re the one holding it back. *pause* but you know more about not being able to read minds than you’re telling me.
    Edward: You can’t just stick to the narrative can you.
    Bella: What do you know/?
    Edward: Why should I-
    Bella: WHAT?
    Edward: Ok. Fine. Your dad has the same thing going on, just not as strong as you. I can only hear his thoughts a little.
    Bella: So it’s probably a hereditary thing which isn’t that strange but you were going to let me go on thinking that I was the only one on earth who had it thus giving the impression that I was a freakish freaky freak and driving my self esteem through the floor?
    Edward: I want you isolated.
    Edward: There are only two ways this relationship will end. Either I’ll murder you, which I’m well practiced at, or I’ll force you to leave everyone and everything you love. In the first case it’s better if people aren’t wondering what happened to you. In the second it’s better if you don’t have any strong relationships. In either case if I can convince you that you are an oddity unlike any other human being and in so doing make you cut yourself off from the rest of humanity things work out better for me.
    Edward: So, yes, I would love for you to think you’re a freak. If we can also mix in some depression, some self loathing, and a general distaste for the rest of humanity then everything will be perfect for me.
    Edward: I mean it’ll suck for you. But that’s the plan: Make your life so generally horrible that I’m the only source of joy in it. Then you’ll need me like a drug. It’ll be nothing like a loving relationship, but the chemical dependency that will force you to stay with me suits my purposes just fine. After all, there’s nothing about you as a person I like, I just keep you around for the smell.

    Re: Women in video games as objects or people

    The creators of Deus Ex, a game I talk about all the time, knew they did a bad job on female representation.

    In interviews after the game was done they admitted to it freely. They pointed, in part, to the fact that the design team didn’t have women on it and argued that there needed to be more women in the game industry because while an exclusively male group might be able to not notice until it was too late that they were under-representing women, women themselves probably wouldn’t forget about their own gender.

    In spite of that, I think they did a good job of recognizing the women they did include in the game’s world as people.

    One thing that stands out as someone who has dug into the behind the scenes parts of the game files is that there’s a place early in the game where you can save a young woman (an 18 year old maybe?) and right in the files, as a note to the voice actor it explains that this woman should not be played as a damsel in distress.

    And she’s not. She’s someone who is willing to stand up, to the point of death (she’s unarmed, the person she’s standing up to not so much) for her own self determination, in her spare time she’s trying to see if she can sneak into a weapon’s dealer’s hide out, and depending on how things play out she’ll either make a cross country journey because she can’t stand her home anymore or she’ll ready herself for repairing a hotel that was shot to hell by a police raid.

    Leaving that aside and focusing just on her rescue, it doesn’t come off much different than that of a male character you can rescue in the same level. The exact details are different, but there’s no more sense that she needed rescuing because she was a woman than there is that the other guy needed rescuing because he was a man.

    Several other women are scientists which means that they talk primarily about science. Another is just concerned about getting medication.

    One is a former special agent who, in spite of being part of a marginalized group, has gotten herself a bar which she tends herself, helps out the police in her spare time, and is willing to help the player provided he isn’t an ass to her customers.

    There’s one who will, for a price, help you rob a place because she’s a former employee who didn’t really like being fired.

    An important character is the daughter of a slain conspiracy member who walked a delicate balance between wanting to help her mother’s interests and wanting freedom for the people of France and, more generally, the world at large. Which meant knowing that if her mother ever succeeded at taking over the world she’d be using the same resources to fight against her mother. Then, after her mother is slain, she gets more reckless but she never stops being smart and philosophical.

    While the number of women in the game, especially when you limit yourself to considering the most important characters, is lacking compared to the men I do believe that they’re treated as people, not objects.

    Re: Left Behind

    “Would you believe you were an almost instant answer to prayer?”

    Mike: No, Mr. Williams, I would not believe that.

    Buck: Would you believe an answer to a prayer that came within two days?

    Mike: No.

    Buck: How about two cops in a rowboat?


    In the manner of Paul the apostle–

    Buck: Oh, so you went around persecuting Christians until you converted on the road to Damascus at which point you and your buddy Pete expanded preaching to the gentiles in an effort that all might be saved because it’s the job of evangelists to spread the good news and not, you know, kill people.

    Mike: What the fuck have you been smoking? There’s no good news, just God committing mass murder repeatedly culminating in the coming of Turbo-Jesus.

    Buck: No, it’s right there in the name. Evangelist. Ev=good, angel=messenger, ist=person who does.

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