This Week in the Slacktiverse October 27th, 2013

(posted and compiled by chris the cynic, written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

inquisitiverave wrote:

I haven’t submitted anything to the blogaround before, but I haven’t really been blogging either.

However, I recently found a video on turning your smart phone into a microscope, and thought it was really cool.

chris the cynic

Last week I said I’d try to have a version of my “Let’s quickly cover everything I’ve done a post on so far so that I can get back into doing .hack//Sign posts,” post, this time with images, done by this week.  As indicated by the link, I did that.

Everything else was Narnia.  Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace going to C.S. Lewis to complain about the writing and three versions of what transpired at the pool that turns things to gold.  Version one was a silly thing where instead of the canonical, “Aslan mind whammies everyone into forgetting what the hell they were talking about,” he instead observed that everyone was out of character any suggested they pretend it never happened.

Version two also took away the mind whammy by making it time travel instead, time was turned back but Reepicheep was protected by the effects so that he could stop the same thing from happening again.  What made it significantly more serious, and longer, than the first is that Reepicheep and Aslan discuss the vast gulf between what those on the Dawn Treader are supposed to be doing and what they actually are doing.

The third, most serious, and longest version is one in which the heroes actually act like heroes and have been doing so for the whole time.  Thus not only is their reaction to discovering the pool completely different, but their situation is different because they’ve handled the discovery of Octesian’s bracelet, the discovery of a burned villiage, and the encounter with the sea Serpent like heroes actually would which kind of, sort of, changes everything.  (Also no mind whammy, because wtf?)

In Case You Missed This

No one submitted anything this week.

Things You Can Do

Name a good charity worthy of 50 dollars:
I [froborr] don’t know if this fits under any of the categories, but I had a request for all Slacktiversians: The condition for my brother giving me one of the iPhones he was planning on donating to charity was that I donate $50 to the charity of my choice. I need help picking a charity! Currently I’m leaning toward Planned Parenthood, because they seem to be pretty unambiguously The Good Guys… on the other hand, a friend of mine recently worked very briefly as a street-level fundraiser for them and they treated her like shit. So, any suggestions are welcome.

The Biggest Loser is not, in any meaningful way, a good show.  It promotes unhealthy practices (weight-loss through extreme dehydration is known to be something used by participants, for example), encourages bullying, sends negative messages, and so forth.  So various people have an understandably negative reaction to the fact that US First Lady Michelle Obama will be appearing on it again.  If you happen to be one of those people there is a petition for you here.  It is aimed at convincing her not to go on the show and instead, you know, talk to people who understand the damage these things do.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


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