Technical Difficulties (Open Thread?)

So when I didn’t get the decon roundup and the weekend post up by the end of the weekend I said I’d shoot for Monday and Tuesday respectively.  Monday Decon round up worked out fine but the Tuesday “This Week and a Half in the Slacktiverse,” I was working on isn’t going to happen.

The computer I was working on spontaneously lost the ability to connect to the internet (probably because I was using a bad cable and the gyrations involved in making that work have got to be hard on a port.  The wireless has long since burned out.)

Obviously I can still get here and make posts, I could also get to the group email from this computer.  Thus I have everything I need to make the post still, but I also need sleep.  I’m going to try for getting it up tomorrow morning.  If not up tomorrow then we’ll just have a “these two weeks” post on Saturday.

Until then, anyone want to talk about technical difficulties?  This could totally be an open thread on times when the gods of technology were out to get you/someone you know.

-chris the cynic


3 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties (Open Thread?)

  1. Firedrake November 20, 2013 at 6:50 am

    Just sorted a “website running slowly for one user” problem, from the user end. Turns out the guy running the website has installed an update which misconfigured his web server to make a PTR request for every page request, which took ten seconds to time out if there wasn’t a PTR available. The guy running the site isn’t super technical, didn’t know about the update, and wanted to assign all fault to my user (“nobody else has a problem”). Pointed out to him how much extra CPU and bandwidth those requests are taking.

    Synergy, ain’t it great.

  2. froborr November 20, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Most of my technical difficulties are my fault. For example, once my laptop keyboard stopped working properly, as pressing certain letters caused numbers to display instead. For weeks I made do with the virtual keyboard… until my roommate pointed out that I just needed to turn Num Lock off.

    More recently, a couple of weeks ago I did SOMETHING to the personal WordPress site I was building that now causes any attempt to access the backend tools to go to a 404 error. I’m so upset and embarrassed by that one that I haven’t been able to go back and work on it or call tech support. Maybe tonight I’ll finally do it.

  3. christhecynic November 20, 2013 at 11:35 am

    My dad and electronics don’t go together.

    One time he got an error, called into tech support, and amazed the people at tech support because no one had ever gotten that error before. I mean people trying really hard to get the error in product testing, but in the real world he was the first, and, so far as we know, only, person to ever get the error.

    That’s the sort of person he is.

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