This week and a half in the Slacktiverse, November 20th, 2013

(posted and compiled by chris the cynic, written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

chris the cynic wrote:

I wrote part three of the princess story, now there are names to go with three of the characters.  I asked for money.  I wrote 16 things in response to an installment of Ana’s Narnia deconstruction.  I talked about the problems of a class with no makeups when medical problems arise in the context of my maybe-broken arm and needing to make it to an ASL test.  In response to a description of a book called “Loki’s Daughters” that appears to have nothing to do with Loki, I wrote about how a book with that name could be great.

Last week froborr wrote a piece on virtue ethics in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

In Case You Missed This

Silver Tyger shared various links:

From Ursula Vernon’s LJ – It Was A Day. A poem about the realization that you’ll never live the dreams you had from reading fiction.

(I may have submitted this one before?) [editor’s note: not that I recall]
Invasion of the Viking women unearthed – a lot of the Viking burials that they thought were male warriors, are really female warriors.

Retroactive Erasure: The Black Madonnas of Europe – “One of the most baffling failures of logic in all of academia is the flagrant attachment to the unsupported claim that the Black Virgins of Europe, of which there are well over 300, are not black because they are Black.” (CN: discussion of erasure, racism, slavery)

New court helps New York’s human trafficking victims (CN: sex trafficking)

Ana Mardoll wrote:

If you have an Android phone registered with Google services, Google has matched your phone number to your Google Plus profile and plans to turn the association into yet another de-anonymizing tool.

[…]Google Plus profiles require people to use their real name, a policy that Google strongly enforces, even up to the point of having users send in government-issued ID.
[…]People who prefer privacy and at-risk populations (such as women) probably won’t think it’s “great” if strangers can call their number and instantly get their name, photo and the social network to find them on.
[…]If you don’t want Google’s [Plus] Smarter Caller ID, visit un-check the box next to your phone number (or numbers).

Firedrake informed us:

A Swedish cinema chain is rating films by whether they pass the Bechdel test. (It’s not clear to me whether this is part of some overall rating, or a specific qualification.)
Bechdel comments.

Police ham-handedly try to recruit an informer at Cambridge University
—(Yes, it’s always the Guardian, one of the two newspapers in the UK that still does journalism — the other is Private Eye, and they don’t publish on-line.)
—What strikes me most about this is how the language really hasn’t changed in thirty years.
—And a lady I knew who was active in communist organisations during WWII told me that you could always spot the police informers in a student communist group — they were the only ones who ever had any money.

Why is it so difficult and expensive to make your own clothes?
(Short answer: because modern clothes are designed for modern production methods and fabrics. Older styles may work better for hand construction.)

White Republican wins election by leading voters to believe he’s black
(to the Houston Community College Board of Trustees, which a bit of searching suggests has had its share of problems already…)

A nifty thing of no particular use
(Visual cryptography.)

(Content Note: police misconduct, endangerment of children)
Bad decisions and more bad decisions
—Sure, the driver messed up.
—So did the cop. And it’s the cop’s _job_ to get this stuff right.
—And of course there were “drug paraphernalia” found. There always are,
just as there’s always illegal pornography found on someone’s computer
after he’s been arrested.
—How long will it be before _everybody_ regards cops as the enemy?

Things You Can Do

Ellie Murasaki wrote:

So I’m probably moving in the next few months. I want to build up as big a cushion of money as I can get before I do that, because budget will be real tight thereafter. Therefore, Internet garage sale and other assorted means of me making money, linked from the garage sale.

I know it’s tight for a lot of people right now. The problem is that I no longer feel entirely safe living in my parents’ house. I’m not in physical danger, I don’t need an asap exit strategy, but Dad told me I need to be out of the house by April and he told me this because apparently I have not been doing my share of the housework in a sufficiently expeditious fashion. Mom thinks he can be talked out of it in a few weeks, but I don’t want to keep relying on someone who thinks that’s an appropriate level of response to that level of infraction. So by Invisible Pink Unicorn I am going to be out of this house by April. I just want to have some money in the bank when I do.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

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