Board Business, July 9th, 2014

(posted by chris the cynic.)

Irregular Business

Well these posts weren’t supposed to go on hiatus.  That’s one irregular thing.  Another is the possibility of writing prompt thingies.  Weigh in on stuff here.

Regular Business

There is no submission deadline for articles and open thread suggestions.  Send them any time. Please. They do not have to be Srs Bzns topics, either. The Eternal Dilemma Of Hot Dogs versus Hot Dog Buns is a perfectly good open thread topic.

The Submission Deadline for the weekend post is 20:00 (8PM) US Eastern Time (UTC-5) Saturday.

Anyone who has submissions for the weekend post should send them in.  Some people wonder if they really deserve to be in the post.  The answer to that is always the same: You do.  So try not to be afraid and do try to send in submissions if you have them.

The sections of the post are as follows:

The Blogaround

Any denizen of the Slacktiverse who has posted an article to their own website since they last submitted to a weekend post is invited, enticed, strongly encouraged, and cajoled to send a short summary of that article along with its permalink to the group email. That summary and link will be included in the next weekend blogaround. This will help to keep members of our community aware of the many excellent websites hosted by other members.

Remember, this is since you last submitted to a weekend post, not since the last weekend post. For example, if the last time you submitted was a month ago, everything you wrote since then is fair game.

In Case You Missed This

Readers of The Slacktiverse can send short summaries of, and permalinks to, articles that they feel might be of interest to other readers.  These should be sent, as you might expect, to the group email.

Things You Can Do

Anyone who knows of a worthy cause or important petition should send a short description of the petition/cause along with its url to the group email.

Again, none for articles and open thread suggestions, 20:00 (8 PM) US Eastern Time (UTC-5) Saturday for the Weekend post.  Also, if there’s a deconstruction you feel should be in the roundup, you can suggest that at any time.
In case the links don’t work: the group email is SlacktiverseAuthors (at) gmail (dot) com.
It is perfectly acceptable to use this as an open thread, should you so desire.

One thought on “Board Business, July 9th, 2014

  1. froborr July 12, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    I know I’m late, but hopefully not by too much? It’s been a long time, too, so I have quite a few posts I’d like to share:

    First, I’ve been following Mark Watches Revolutionary Girl Utena and writing thoughts on every episode, and compiling them into five-episode “dumps” on my site. The first such is here: Utena dump, and a brief introduction about truth, and the second here. I also wrote up live Reactions While Watching Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 1.

    I complained about the way fans tend to assume that Fair Use covers anything they want it to cover: When people talk about bronies being entitled, this shit is why

    I talked about the difference between kicking down and punching up: I’m tired of having this argument

    I had video games on my mind for various reasons, so wrote about my Favorite video game soundtracks, by era, Reflections on Nintendo’s E3 showing, and A video game story structure I’d like to see more of. In addition, I collaborated with FreezingInferno of the Nintendo Project Resumed on a post about the Mega Man/My Little Pony crossover fan game Mega Pony.

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