This week in the Slacktiverse, October 19th 2014

(posted by chris the cynic, written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • Storiteller always thinks a lot about food, but a challenge by her church pastor for everyone to keep food journals really highlighted her relationship with it and what she wants to teach her son.  She talks about modeling good eating for him through gardening and cooking in Food is Our Common Ground.
  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • Remember that speech I gave that I said I was going to try to transcribe?  Well, the recording didn’t work out so no go on that but I’ve tried to write more or less the same thing here.  Also there you will find pictures of the event, mostly of the other people who made comments.
    • One day I went to school and there was nothing out of the ordinary but when I walked home there was a massive disturbance that hadn’t been there before.  Being me, I took pictures.  Best guess is that a car veered off the road, over the sidewalk, through the fence, down the hill, and onto the road below without hitting any other vehicle (thus explaining the lack of non-fence wreckage.)
    • Remember when Fred said he’d like a T-shirt with, “Then I shall be a wicked Child, and the great God will be very angry with me,” on it?  (It’s sort of an unintentional version of Twain’s having Huck say, “Alright, then, I’ll go to Hell.”)  Well I finally got around to making such T-shirts.  Light writing and dark writing, two text sizes, sold via Cafe Press.  I predict zero sales.
    • In my monthly donation reminder post I talked about the history of October, but there isn’t much to say because October has a pretty bland history.  (Never changed it’s name, always had the same number of days.)
    • It is my observation that Odin (this is a god we’re talking about) is an asshole who gets away with it by being awesome.  I tried to think of a real life modern American example of someone who was like that.  I came up with LBJ.  The 36th President of the United States was, without doubt, an asshole, but he was an asshole for good and he was very effective in that regard.  More in the post, of course.
    • Quite some time ago I came up with a theory explaining why Baldr went to Hel via a self-fulfilling prophesy that Loki helped along.  I finally got around to writing it up.  It’s pretty simple, but I think that it makes the whole thing make sense when, without a clear “why” the story leaves nothing but giant piles of unanswered questions and oddities.

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