This week in the Slacktiverse, December 7th 2014

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The Blogaround

  • Storiteller‘s life has been very hectic lately.  Her son is all over the place and while he’s high energy, she actually enjoys this phase far more than she did when he was an infant, as she describes in Newborns are Overrated – Toddlers are Awesome.  To expand their living space, her and her husband recently finished a complete remodel of their basement.  Getting the project done was down to the wire, reality-show style, as recounts in Our House is a Very, Very, Very Fine House.  They needed the basement done to host both sides of the family, who visited for Thanksgiving. Between a dinner at church with an unconventional bunch and her extended relatives, she was very Thankful for All of Our Families.
  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • I still haven’t written a post about the Board of Trustees meeting that students of my university took over as part of a direct action campaign (after going through channels failed, repeatedly.)  So here is video of students speaking at that meeting about economics, academics, class inequality, hard decisions, direct action campaigns, and so forth.
    • When one watches giant robots, often times built to fight giant monsters, one has to wonder, “Why?”  This is why.  And I feel very proud of that post because Fred Clark linked to it.
    • Apparently it’s been over three years since I wrote a new installment of Where Antichrists Come From (first bit here.)  So, here is our good Antichrist, Nick Andes, doing what makes sense to him in the immediate aftermath of World War III.
    • Here are a couple of scenes in Heaven set immediately after meta-Chloe confronts Left Behind God, in detail, regarding the pure evil that is the Tribulation and Hell.
    • And, finally, I wrote the fourth installment of Being More than A Simulacrum, in which Place faces her first morning as … well, herself.

In Case You Missed This

chris the cynic wrote:

My university.  A strange study in what it’s like to have to Students, Faculty, Staff, and lower level administrators be stellar while those in charge kind of, sort of, suck and endlessly try to get rid of all the previously mentioned stellar people in spite of the fact that without those other people the ones in charge can’t be paid.

Things You Can Do

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