This week in the Slacktiverse, February 24th, 2015

(posted by chris the cynic, written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • Despite the brutal weather, Storiteller and her family kept busy the last few weeks:
    • In Kindie Rock, Ahoy, she describes her son’s first concert, a local children’s musician that sings about squid and gravity.
    • In Butterflies, Spiders and Insects Galore, she recounts their trip to the Smithsonian’s Insect Zoo and butterfly pavilion, complete with tarantulas.
    • In Starting Seeds with Sprout, she talks about planting seeds with her son, just the first step in involving him in planting a vegetable garden.
  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • It is, perhaps, appropriate that I forgot to do this until today.  Unless a miracle happens I’ll be looking for someone to take over these so why not have what looks to be my last “this week” post go up on the same day as what looks to be my last blog post?
    • If you’re interested in the history of the month of February, I talked about it in my monthly reminder that there’s a donate button because I like there to be content in those posts beyond a reminder that there’s a donate button.
    • Then there was a post that was a combination of venting and random commentary on parts of the second and third seasons of Legend of Korra.
    • I had an idea that you could grab (non-religious) quotes by fictional characters and use them to explain real world religious beliefs, but by the time I wrote the post I forgot all but three of them.
    • In response to a post at Slacktivist I wrote dialogue that takes place in a world where RTC nightmares are true.
    • And then we come to the end:
      • I noticed that water that was supposed to be in the heating system was coming out of the shower.  I thought I narrowed the problem down to a loose valve.  I turned it the wrong way and didn’t notice the mistake for a day.  Hijinks ensue.  I turned the valve the correct way and everything seemed fixed.
      • It turns out that, in spite of valve seemingly being the problem, it had little to do with that and everything to do with my boiler being irreparably damaged.  (Probably started when I lost all heat for a few days almost a month ago and was just slowly degrading since then.)
      • I can’t afford to fix the boiler.  Barring miracles, cold will force me from my home (possibly as soon as tomorrow), I’ll have to move in with people who are emotionally damaging to me, and I have no idea what the future will hold.  I don’t see a future for Stealing Commas.  At least not in the near term.  This is goodbye.

In Case You Missed This

No submissions this week.

Things You Can Do

Frobbor wrote:

I’m running a Kickstarter to fund publication of the third volume of My Little Po-Mo, combining coverage of the third season with coverage of the fandom’s creative output. Please consider backing or helping spread the word.

I’m also running a Patreon campaign to fund The Near-Apocalypse of ’09. $2 a month lets you read the articles several months before they go on the blog (I just posted the article on “Heart of Ice,” the famous and much-loved Mr. Freeze episode); $5 gets you that plus you can watch my vlogs several weeks in advance of the blog (I am currently posting responses to three-episode blocks of Steven Universe). There’s goodies available for higher amounts, too.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


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