This week in the Slacktiverse, May 18th, 2015

(posted by chris the cynic, sorry for being so late, written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • On facebook Michael Mock asked to be reminded of how people met him, so I talked about how we met when I was on my way back from stopping the zombie apocalypse of 2052.  I put it on the blog because: why not?
    • I shared a picture I took of a bee.
    • I asked for help in finding software that can match images with overlapping portions.

In Case You Missed This

No submissions this week.

Things You Can Do

Last week Lonespark shared a go fund me project, it is still trying to raise money:

Transcending Gender: Celebrate You

In January 2014, Rhys began a photographic series that he had been conceptualizing for some years called The Transcending Gender Project. In late 2014, he spent three weeks driving around the country creating photographs that celebrate the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming people across the United States.


With this funding, Rhys plans to photograph at least 1,000 more people so more of our stories may be shared with the world.

It’s time to celebrate YOU.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


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