This week in the Slacktiverse, June 8th, 2015

(and then chris the cynic remembered the weekend post was supposed to be done on the weekend, sorry; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • I wrote another bit of my Left Behind that doesn’t suck story, Skewed Slightly to the Left, in which I take a scene where a doctor is sitting inside while people need help outside, and he knows this, and has the never to be bored about the situation and tried to turn it into a doctor who had sympathetic reasons for not going where he was most needed and wanting to do something to help anyway.
    • Forgotten seeds got it’s fifth chapter.  The survivors still haven’t gotten off the moon, but while Kim and Shego work on that, the other survivors have time to take a look back at what happened on earth.
    • I wrote an update on my finances because I try to keep people up to date on that since it has, you know, almost caused me to close Stealing Commas a couple of times and even ignoring those rare times, it still has an effect upon my posting.  Mind you it’s already somewhat out of date because time goes on, but such is life.
    • For a while I’ve had an idea for a story where someone’s emotions are people in their head with personalities and the positive ones (and most of the others too) are stolen by bad guy leaving Fear, Depression, and Apathy to cope and be heroic and stuff.  I only wrote a snippet, but I also talked about the the idea a bit.
    • Other than Kim Possible where I’ve got two ongoing stories and a decon (that I didn’t get to this week) I’ve kind of lost touch with what I’ve traditionally done on the blog.  I asked if there is anything in particular you (or anyone else) would like me to get back to.
    • I wrote a silly answer to the sound of one hand clapping, but in truth I’ve always agreed with Brin’s simpler solution in the comments.
    • And, finally, I wrote a massive impressions dump after seeing Mad Max: Fury Road.  It’s a good movie.

In Case You Missed This

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Things You Can Do

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