Open Thread: Cake

(by chris the cynic)

Totally forgot it was open thread day, so… cake.

Do you like it?  Dislike it?  Is it, in fact, a lie?  Have a favorite or least favorite type?

[As a reminder, open thread prompts are meant to inspire conversation, not stifle it. Have no fear of going off topic for there is no off topic here.]


3 thoughts on “Open Thread: Cake

  1. christhecynic August 18, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    I’m on a bus. I should be at home eating and hydrating.

    They say the driver almost hit someone and had a nervous breakdown, or panic attack, or something, and was unable to drive any more today. It took them two hours to find a new driver. Two hours during which we were mostly ignored.

    The trip takes two hours. I tried calling the people who are supposed to pick me up at the station (they never told me which would) but they don’t pick up their phones. Assholes. They wonder why I don’t particularly feel the need for a cell phone. It would mean that at any time anywhere with service I could call them up and … have them refuse to talk to me. Oh joy.

    I understand that there are reasons for certain people to not pick up their phones. My home phone number is a single digit off from a radio station and, unlike a cell phone, not picking it up doesn’t send it straight to voice mail, it sends it to answering machine which allows you to quickly pick up if it isn’t someone requesting a song or working for a political action committee.

    But such reasons don’t apply to the cell phone numbers in question.

    Now that there are people in my life who do answer their phones a cell phone would actually be quite useful, but that is neither here nor there.

    If whoever went to pick me up didn’t listen to the voicemail I left, they”ll be waiting and wondering why I’m now 20 minutes and counting overdue.

    I won’t be there until an hour and 20 minutes at the least by which point any ride is likely to have left meaning I’ll have to walk home, with my bags, which will likely wreck my back that has only recently shown signs of not being debilitatingly bad.

    There is no part of this which is good.

    And I’m dehydrated.

  2. christhecynic August 18, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    I made it home alive.

  3. lonespark42 August 20, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    I love cake, and I love ice cream, but I feel like we need a wider ranger of celebration foods.
    Pie is a start… Christmas/Yule has cookies…
    But like, there should be holidays that are traditionally celebrated with donuts! Or awesome soup! Or…absurdly over-embellished potatoes? I dunno, just, variety. It’s good.

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