These two weeks in the Slacktiverse, January 31st, 2016

(posted by chris the cynic; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • I had a Narnia bit on how Aravis deals with the thieves certain to assume the horses can be easily taken away from her and Shasta.
    • I did a bit of a summary of the role Ratatoskr would play in the story where humans avert Ragnarok because, as the people of Midgard, they have a vested interested in having it not be destroyed.  As noted, though, it’s just a post about the role of Ratatoskr in said story, not the story as a whole.
    • I did an installment of Skewed Slightly to the Left which covers Rayford asking Chloe what she thinks caused the event, and actually listening, before telling her what he believes.  All during an afternoon meal.
    • While being stuck on most things (those three things, only two of which are actually story, cover two weeks) is just regular writer’s block, it occurred to me that with specifically Kim Possible stories I could be sabotaging myself by writing them beginning to end which I pretty much never do.  So I tried a more open writing of scenes from Life After.  They’re still arranged in chronological order, but there’s no attempt to fill in all the details.  They started out kind of random, but by the end were in large part revolving around the character, not previously introduced, of Mags during the time when she is unconscious.  As near as I can tell no one actually cares about this story, though.
    • A while ago I wrote about passing and why the entire concept it represents is a sign things are not what they should be, but it was buried in a larger post.  I pulled out and reposted just the section on passing because it’s generally applicable and I didn’t feel it should only be seen by people who wanted to read a post about the possibilities offered by hypothetical speculative fiction settings.
    • I proposed a videogame, or rather a visualization mechanic that would be central to a game, called “Elephant in the Dark“.  It’s kind of hard to explain briefly because it’s emphatically not about being blind but it is definitely about the main character not seeing.  I guess the short version is it would be built around the interpretation and extrapolation (and copious errors) of someone very, very used to and reliant upon seeing, who has to rely on other senses (principally touch.)
    • I wrote about how, in my experience, audiences are more willing to accept things in stories when those things are bad, while good things tend to require a higher burden for an audience to find it plausible.
    • In my vaguely regularly scheduled fundraising post I mentioned that a couple of upcoming expenses I’m unprepared for because of a reduction in my income.  Those numbers came in.  It’s hardly uncommon at this point, I seem to live from crisis to crisis, but I’m still afraid.  The larger expense is to stay in my home, the smaller is to keep on having internet which is kind of my lifeline.  I can’t cover either.
    • Also I dropped and damaged my computer, but the post about it is out of date because the most worrying thing (the primary hard drive for data stopping working) is no longer true.

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