Deconstruction Roundup for May 27th, 2016

(by the Slacktiverse and others; collected by Silver Adept, who is busily utilizing Markdown to help speed his conference preparation.)

The point of these posts is threefold:

  1. To let people stay up to date on ongoing deconstructions. (All ones on our list, including finished and stalled ones, here.)
  2. To let people who can’t comment elsewhere have a place to comment.
  3. To let people comment in a place where people who can’t read Disqus can see what they have to say.

Erika M. and Will Wildman: Something Short and Snappy

Fred Clark: Slacktivist

Froborr: Jed A. Blue

InsertAuthorHere: Um… InsertAuthorHere

Philip Sandifer: Eruditorium Press

Ross: A Mind Occasionally Voyaging

RubyTea: Heathen Critique

Vaka Rangi: Eruditorium Press

Silver Adept: Here on The Slacktiverse

Let us know, please, if there are errors in the post. Or if you don’t want to be included. Or if there’s someone who you think should be included, which includes you. We can use more content. Or if you find that your Neko Atsume characters have started bringing home dead rats as treats. Or for any other reason, really.


One thought on “Deconstruction Roundup for May 27th, 2016

  1. Firedrake May 27, 2016 at 4:01 am

    Regarding the Dresden Files: many thanks to Will for this. I consumed the series to date in 2007 and was aware that there was something I didn’t like, though I thought it was mostly the way it became all about Dresden’s personal power-ups (and the loving description of a leather coat identical to that which the author had just bought) rather than building a consistent world with people who were more than just right (i.e. agreeing with Dresden) or wrong (i.e. not)..

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