Open Thread: Totally Open

(by chris the cynic)

Because I haven’t been on top of things its been almost a month (just three days shy of a month) since we’ve had an open thread, and it’s been archive knows how long since we’ve had a promptless totally open say whatever comes to mind open thread.

Granted, all open threads are theoretically “Say whatever comes to mind” areas (see standard disclaimer below) but sometimes it makes a difference to have no … thingy.

So, totally open.  Talk about anything, talk about everything, say whatever you feel like saying, whatever.


[As a reminder, open thread prompts are meant to inspire conversation, not stifle it. Have no fear of going off topic for there is no off topic here.]

One thought on “Open Thread: Totally Open

  1. alexseanchai June 7, 2016 at 8:54 am

    I am nervous about my potential internship this fall for my women’s studies degree. I found an awesome group of people to do it with, but I don’t know if it’ll fly with the faculty member who’s supervising the internships…

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