This week in the Slacktiverse, September 10th, 2016

(posted by chris the cynic; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • My muse is … hopefully just missing.  On an unannounced leave of absence is sort of a best case scenario.  It was easy for me to miss the total lack of fiction last week because life was bad enough that it motivated poetry.  This week not so much.  As such I have two posts:
      • First was just a list of random stuff I happen to need (pretty boring: new house phone, potting soil, the like.)
      • The second was links to much of the original fiction I’ve written over the years when my muse wasn’t missing.  I hope that it will result in people revisiting things they liked or perhaps encountering for the first time things they missed when they were posted.

In Case You Missed This

Heather Kuhn wrote:

Things people might be interested in: The Dakota Access protests.

Things You Can Do

Heather Kuhn wrote:

  • Things people can do, related to the [Dakota Access protests]:

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


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