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Open Thread: Visual Art

(by chris the cynic)

Do you look at it?  Is it artistic?  Then please tell us about it.

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This week in the Slacktiverse, January 28th, 2017

(posted by chris the cynic; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • I now have a Patreon account, the better to take your money.  So, I’ve got a post about having it, and another to point out that I am actually trying to follow through on the whole, “If you’re a patron of mine you get to see some stuff before anyone else” promise-thing.
    • Just to be clear on the previous, and save you the trouble of reading all three of those links, Patreon allows you to pay me, but you don’t need to pay me to get to read all my stuff.  Everything will eventually show up at Stealing Commas.
    • I gave the super person plotline I started last week an index and added three new installments:
    • I wrote a completely unrelated story, set in the same universe, about certain bad guys reacted when a hero mistreated a sidekick.  It’s called, “Evil has standards“.
    • I had a bunch of comments in conversation about villainous origins, so I collected them into a post.  Sure, sometimes super-villainy is all about the bottom line, or about having read too much Rand, but other times it starts when you want to make a world where no one starves, and then notice that the governments of the world are kind of an impediment . . . and it would be easier if you just ran the whole planet.
    • I had two things set in Kim Possible ‘verses:
    • Real life has sucked.  Really, really sucked.
      • I am really bad at coping with other people venting in my general direction.  Really bad.  So after that happened, again, I wrote about the pain of “fight or flight” when violence is uncalled for and you cannot flee.
      • Sometimes I make lists of things I need (e.g. shoes without holes in the soles), invariably I add things I merely want (e.g. a donkey).  I made such a list.
      • (Content note: at least one dead baby animal) I don’t even live at the farm, yet Bones’ not-merely-livestock classification is as real to me as it is to those who do live there.  Somewhere between friend and family, that goat is dear to me.  We only found pieces of her newborn kid(s).  Not enough to know if it was a goat-standard twin birth, just one, or triplets.  I wrote about that, how it might have been entirely preventable if not for other horrible bullshit, and how it affected me.

In Case You Missed This

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Things You Can Do

Fred Clark shared this from HIAS* while adding the comment in brackets:

Donald Trump has issued a number of executive orders targeting vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers, which means your voice of opposition is more critical than ever.

History has taught us the deadly consequences of slamming the doors of this country shut on people just because of who they are and where they are from. We must prevent this administration from repeating the mistakes of the past. Here’s how you can help: [click that link, please, it’s a good list].

* The letters stand for “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society”, but the turn of the millennium marked them expanding the scope of their mission from Jewish refugees to all refugees.  It’s still a Jewish organization, though, hence the advice to make sure your rabbi is involved.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

Deconstruction Roundup for January 27th, 2017

(by the Slacktiverse and others; collected by Silver Adept, who is still in limbo on important matters.)

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The Renegades of Pern: Capture and Release

Last time, we dealt with a chapter that existed solely to move Jayge to Benden.

The Renegades of Pern: Chapter Nine: Content Notes: Honor Before Reason, Family Before Justice, Torture, PTSD

(Benden Hold and Weyr, Present Pass 13)

We stick with Jayge through the new Turn, who is now on his way away from delivering the horse, regretting not asking the name of the beautiful black-haired girl that had taken the horse. He’s having erotic dreams about her, but not the kind that are embarrassing. He figures that he’ll get another chance soon enough, before spotting a campfire and going to full alert, worried about Thella. His suspicion turns out to be correct, but Thella and her associate(s) have gone on before Jayge can get anything useful. Seeing some dragons, Jayge reminisces a bit before getting up to some assumptions:

Then it occurred to him to wonder why the dragons, known to be long-sighted, had not reacted to his presence, sprawled there as he was across the rock face. They had not seemed to be alert at all. True, he had not moved, but surely Thella and her companions were on the move! Were the dragons even watching out for her? Clearly not. Those dragonriders were so secure in their bloody Weyr, they did not bother to keep sentries, he thought in disgust. And what was to keep Thella from brazening her way right into the Weyr and making off with Aramina?

Well, normally it would be the social structure that makes dragonriders into reified demigods, but Thella has already shown more than enough signs that she considers the social structure to be in need of change, at least so that nobody can oppose her effectively. More practically, one notes that large organic death-dealers are often effective deterrents against smaller, more fragile attackers. Assuming that the dragons even needed to be called out to the fray.

As Jayge gets closer to the actual Weyr, he finds there are actually sentries posted, but he has to get into the tunnel that leads to the Weyr before any of them appear. They are unimpressed with his story of danger from Thella at first, but they do recognize the portrait of Readis.

“This guy was here yesterday. Kin of yours?”
Jayge was paralyzed for a moment with shock. “He’s in Benden?”
“Why should he be? He only wanted to deliver a packet of letters to Aramina, and she’s in Benden Hold.”
“And you told him that? You smokeless weyrling, you consummate dimwit.” Jayge was primed to elaborate on all the antecedents of all six guards when the oldest man suddenly held his spearpoint right against Jayge’s throat.
“State your business.” The spearman pricked the sharp point encouragingly.

Jayge, have you forgotten that you’ve been trying to keep Readis out of this to at least a small degree? So not everyone knows that Readis is aligned with Thella, and thus a danger. Which means maybe you want to tamp down on insulting everyone around you for not knowing what you know?

The second time around with the guards is more convincing, and Jayge gets sent in to talk to Lessa about Thella. The runner doesn’t like the tunnels, and Jayge hears sounds that remind him way too much of the avalanche that he had to deal with. In other words, Jayge, like so many other protagonists in these stories, has untreated PTSD about this incident and no counselor to talk to about it.

Jayge gawks at Benden Weyr before getting shown in, and as is consistent with everyone else, meeting Lessa is getting whammied with her Sith power.

As Benden Weyr was an amazement to Jayge, Lessa was only slightly less of a surprise. He could feel the force of her personality as strongly as he had felt Thella’s, but there all resemblance ended. Despite her slight stature, Lessa carried herself with authority, gracious but firm. She was more courteous to a trader than he had expected, and she had listened with such interest that he found himself telling her the whole story, from his first encounter with Thella and Giron, to that dawn’s surveillance, and his fears, assumptions, and anxieties – with one exception. He made no mention of Readis.


Cocowhat by depizan

Not that this is somehow incredible or unbelievable, but Jayge, you just lit into the outside guards about how Readis is dangerous and needs to be stopped, and now you’re in front of Lessa and you’re not telling her about him.

Lessa frowned just slightly, then leaned in toward Jayge, putting her small hand on his arm, strong fingers pressing in reassurance. “I do understand your concern. And I would prefer to have Aramina right here in Benden until she Impresses but … the girl does hear dragons.” She sighed extravagantly, then tilted her head slightly and smiled at him. Suddenly Jayge knew why so many people respected, even worshipped her, and he found herself smiling back at her, half-embarrassed by his reaction. “The conversations were driving her crazy.”
“Not as crazy as Thella could,” Jayge heard himself saying.

The conversation shifts to the Renegades, and much to Jayge’s surprise, Lessa has very recent sketches of Thella, some other man, and Readis. Jayge still has an irrational desire to try and save his uncle from Thella, and still has a willingness to see the similarities between Lessa and Thella. Lessa assures Jayge that Aramina is safe and sends him off to the kitchens to get food to go. Jayge has a petrifying encounter with Ramoth, who is much bigger than expected, but otherwise curls up for a nap, before getting his food.

And then heads back to Benden Hold so that he can stay close to Aramina and warn her about Readis. When he gets there he finds that Aramina is gone out to deal with an animal.

“You let her leave the Hold? Shards, man, you’re as mad as they are up at the Weyr! You don’t know what Thella and Dushik are like! You’ve no idea what they’re like! They mean to kill the girl!”
“Now, see here, lad, leave go of me. And I don’t take that kind of language from anyone.” Master Conwy pulled Jayge’s hands from his shirt. “You’re tired, lad; you’re not thinking straight. She’s safe. Now you come with me, have a bath and something to eat. She’ll be back shortly. Won’t take more than a few hours.”

During the bath, Jayge realizes the black-haired girl is really Aramina, and is a bit embarrassed at the erotic dreams he’s been having of her. He doesn’t have long to dwell on this, though, as Master Conwy appears at his bath to haul him out and apologize for not heeding his warning. Aramina has been kidnapped and everyone is looking for her.

Lord Raid apparently is skeptical of Jayge at first, despite Master Conwy vouching for him, telling Jayge to sit down even as he’s repeating what Conwy had already said. He effectually comes around to understand what Jayge was trying to say.

“What exactly did you mean by your remarks, young man?”
Jayge blinked to clear his eyes and tried to remember what he had last said. “I mean that if Aramina isn’t conscious, she can’t hear dragons. And if she can’t see where she is, how can she be rescued by them?”
“And how do you arrive at these conclusions?”
“Thella knows she hears dragons.” Jayge shrugged. “It stands to reason a clever woman like Thella would make certain Aramina had nothing to tell the dragons.”
“Exactly,” a cold voice said. Lessa was pushing through the knot of men around Jayge. “I apologize, Jayge Lilcamp. I didn’t heed your warning closely enough.”

This is interesting. Jayge is allowed to be right and the person who understands Thella better than the Lords and the dragonriders. This is momentous, in that one of the merchant classes is getting an apology from both of the aristocratic classes. In previous books, I think it would have been more likely for the attempt at kidnapping to have been laughable, Thella caught, and everything to have been resolved neatly. Instead, we now have Moriarty-Thella to the Holmes-Lessa, and I hope the game stays afoot in a good way.

Jayge’s conclusions about how to nullify Aramina’s abilities are borne out, as Aramina, when she contacts Heth, cannot see anything and is in a small space. Jayge and the search team he is part of are cheered by the news, but not much.

The act of kidnapping Aramina is the Moral Event Horizon for Jayge regarding Readis.

Bloodkin be damned, Jayge thought to himself as he tried to sleep – he was going to kill Readis, as well as Thella and Dushik, with his bare hands.

Because once the person you lust after is involved, all bets are off. That, too, seems to be a rule of Pern.

Also, standard complaint that the word dammed wouldn’t necessarily survive without the concept of hell and heaven and a judging deity, all of which Pern officially lacks. Although, being lost between might do as an appropriate substitute for damnation among dragonriders.

As it is, a rockslide in the third day of search hurts two of the people in his party. Because he knows it’s one of Thella’s modus operandi, Jayge stays to investigate while the others retreat to treat the injured. Even then, Readis is so able to surprise him and pin him so that he can’t shout for help.

“Always said you had the brains in the family, Jayge,” Readis whispered in his ear. “Don’t struggle. Dushik’s watching somewhere nearby. We have to get down behind him, go on from the other side, and get her out of that pit before the snakes eat her alive. That’s your aim, isn’t it? Nod your head.”
[…Jayge asks why Readis is involved in this plot. He denies it. Jayge is skeptical…]
“Thella has a way of making things seem rational. But throwing a young girl down a snake pit is not rational. Not rational at all. I think Thella went raving mad when the dragonriders attacked the hold. You should have heard her laughing all the way up that tunnel she made the drudges cut. I don’t think you’ll believe me, but I tried to stop her loosing that avalanche. Then I was stuck, trying to save Giron. He’s dead, by the way. She nicked his throat that first night.” Readis shuddered. “I’ll show you where the girl is, and I’ll help you get her out. Then I’m disappearing, and you bask in the glory of your heroic efforts.”
Jayge believed his uncle; believed the desperation behind the scoffing words. “Let’s get her out, then.”

I have to say, there has been some clear leveling up of the storytelling here compared to previous volumes. Thella is still Always Chaotic Evil, but she’s Competent Chaotic Evil. Readis seems okay with going along with a lot of things, but then helps Jayge out, so we’re not sure whether he’s a good person, a bad person, or just in it for himself. Jayge, a trader, might actually get to be the hero of the story, instead of a Lord, a Crafter, or a dragonrider. This is by far the best storyline of Pern I’ve seen in terms of just telling a good story. There’s a lot more missed about his this story could function in the greater world, but it’s still managing the plot and the action well.

Also, maybe I’m reading a bit too far into this, but I get the feeling that this seeming throwaway line from Readis about Thella’s ability to convince others of things should ping Jayge’s willingness to compare Lessa and Thella, and then ping back all the way to where Lessa was openly demonstrating her Sith powers, one of which was persuasion. It’s really too bad that idea wasn’t explored more in the earlier books, so that it could be put to maximum use here.

Finally, I don’t think Thella is crazy. I think she’s behaving in a consistently sociopathic and revenge-oriented way, so throwing Aramina down to the pit in spite so that nobody could have her and to begin the requisite psychological torture that would make Aramina more pliable and less willing to leave sounds entirely rational to me. Horrible, but rational.

Jayge and Readis manage to sneak the long way around Dushik and get to Aramina’s pit. Lowering a rope with a glow basket attached, the two manage to haul Aramina up out of the pit. As Jayge is trying to get Aramina away from the pit, a “black shape” attacks Readis and the two of them go hurtling into the pit, screaming all the way. After a little while, some of the depth of Thella’s anger reveals itself.

He turned to her to tell her to take the glow and go first. It was only then that he realized that she was not just slimy – she was naked. Her shivering was more from the cold than from reaction or stress, and she would tear the skin from her bones crawling up that tunnel. He stripped off his jacket and thrust her arms into it. It covered her to the hips. Then he pulled off his shirt and tore it into strips to wrap around her knees and feet.

Perhaps this is my cynicism showing through, but I’m somewhat surprised Jayge didn’t take a moment to ogle Aramina. Maturity in other writing, too!

In any case, as Jayge is trying to get Aramina out, Aramina is having a traumatic breakdown – she stood on the Hatching Ground, but no dragon came to her, the two strong men who came with her were effortlessly killed when she was kidnapped, and it’s all over her ability to hear and call dragons. Jayge wants her to, so that they can catch a ride, but Aramina is not having any of it – and nightmares, to boot. So that she doesn’t have to hear the dragons quite so loudly, or not as many of them, Aramina begs Jayge to take her to the Southern Continent. Of course, Thella, at least, is still alive, and is likely going to want to hunt Aramina until one or the other of them is dead. So it’s not going to be a cakewalk, but Jayge is definitely on board.

Well now, he might just do a bit of real trading and see if it solved Aramina’s problem. So long as he went, too. He had found her! He loved her! He would help her. The Weyrs and the Holds be damned. Hold and Weyr could not provide her with safety. He could and would!

And this is how the chapter ends, with Jayge very much overestimating his abilities to protect Aramina from Thella, who has repeatedly shown herself to be resourceful, crafty, good at disguise, and utterly intent on making sure that those who cross her are punished or killed.

Admittedly, I’m still not sure what the age difference between Jayge and Aramina is, but I’m also pretty sure that Aramina, from the last age marker we had in her, is of the age where most Pernese think she could be married off without incident. (She was, what, fourteen at last knowledge?) So there’s a big opportunity for way creepy behavior here that Jayge is still, remarkably, refraining from.

Since we’ve done something important with Thella, next chapter will definitely be all about Piemur and Toric.

Writer Workshop January 25th, 2017

(Posted by chris the cynic)

Those of you who also frequent Ana Mardoll’s Ramblings will find this somewhat familiar.  Here, as there, it was requested that there be a regular post to talk about writing projects (and other artwork-creation). Thus this post exists.

Pencil by Elisa Xyz

What are you working on? How are you feeling about it? What thoughts and/or snippets would you like to share? How does your activism work into your art? What tropes are you hoping to employ and/or avoid? Are there any questions you’d like to ask or frustrations you’d like to vent?  Writing workshop below!

Open Thread: Late-Month Check In, January 2017

(by chris the cynic)

Kind of entirely forgot this was a thing, hence it not being closer to the middle of the month.

What have you been doing of late?  How are you?  Are you still alive?  So forth.

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This week in the Slacktiverse, January 22nd, 2017

(posted by chris the cynic; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • I’m still mostly in a super person setting frame of mind, and will likely to continue to be for a bit since I had the good fortune of getting an inspiration dump.
    • Not in that arena, I wrote about an idea I’ve long had about a story where they just call the plot device the plot device and called it “The Meta Story – A not-at-all worked out idea” and I had a short silly post called “Excerpt from the findings of the Tri-Rodent Commission on the recent inexplicable events“.
    • In the super person frame of mind, first I had Page (hero) and Mishap (villain) meeting over coffee.
    • Then I got the inspiration dump, and have two installments of that.  First, someone meets with Corv, away from her team, about a family matter.  Second, that someone is introduced to her team, which finally gave me a chance to have the other members of Corv’s team appear “on screen” as it were.  Next up will be the character sharing what they know (already mostly written).
    • In real life I had the misfortune of being present (specifically well within hearing distance) when my sister vented for an extended period over the phone, and thus was caught in the exhaust from that venting.  As one might imagine, the post is me venting about being subjected to someone else venting.  So much venting going on I worry that someone might shoot a proton torpedo down the vent to blow up the Death Star.

In Case You Missed This

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Things You Can Do

chris the cynic wrote:

Ana Mardoll has a patron account now.  So if you have money to spare (I know most of us don’t) and would like to help a wonderful person, you might want to head over there and become her patron.zz

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community

Deconstruction Roundup for January 20th, 2017

(by the Slacktiverse and others; collected by Silver Adept, who is looking forward to having a night out.)

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The Renegades of Pern: A Transit Chapter

Last time, there’s a plot happening in Southern that nobody really knows yet, and Thella, Lady Holdless, evaded capture with her lieutenants despite the best attempts of the Lords and Benden to catch her by surprise. With one of her main strongholds captured, Thella is on the run without much for supplies or hiding places, until she can get the heat off of her and start to rebuild.

The Renegades of Pern: Chapter Eight: Content Notes: None

(Telgar to Keroon’s Beastmaster Hold, Present Pass 12)

The fallout from the failed raid opens the chapter – Jayge collects his pay and charges off into the wild, Perschar retires back to Nerat so as to paint less dangerous subjects, and Thella’s band find themselves still in the Hold they had, under the command of Eddik, making them no longer holdless and less likely to return to Thella. We then settle on Jayge as the lead for this segment, having decided on revenge against Thella and an attempt to save Readis from her as his course of action. Sticking close to Aramina is the long term plan, but for now, Jayge tries very hard to beat Thella to Igen. He failed. Brare, the one who served Thella chowder, is already dead, so Jayge sees if he can find the secret passage to Thella’s hiding place here. Nothing turns up, so he turns himself toward getting to Keroon by well-traveled means, fueling his journey with the thought of putting Thella in a pit that she can’t get out of and leaving her there to die, as she screams and begs to be released. At Keroon, he signs on to help move some animals to the Beastmaster Hold, while inquiring about Thella’s lieutenants. We finally get some connective tissue to the Toric story, as Jayge discovers here the regular shipments to Southern, and their unofficial nature. And then forges new shoes for his runner in a Smith’s forge, waiting to see if a contact of his comes through. It does, and so Jayge gets a mare to be delivered to Benden, some money, and an escort of other runner drivers going in the same direction.

Naturally, this means it’s time to switch back to Piemur and Toric. There has been some progress, maybe…

Piemur was back at Southern and had finally cornered Toric into fulfilling his promise to let him explore freely in the South. He had arrived armed with a polite request from Master Robinton, a request that, since it bore F’lar’s signet, was more of an indirect order.
“I’ve got my journeyman’s knot, I spent hours with Wansor, Terry, and that oaf of a Fortian, Benelek, so I’m qualified to keep Records that will be accurate as long as the Dawn Sisters remain in place. So you’ll know, my Lord Holder-”
“Don’t call me that,” Toric snapped, his eyes flashing so angrily that Piemur wondered if he’d overplayed his hand.

Why is Toric angry at being called a Lord Holder? It’s pretty clearly what he is, with more of a claim than many, although he hasn’t officially made the claim yet. (The next few lines past the quote are Piemur telling Toric what he needs to put together for when he makes that official claim.) Is it something like not wanting the title of the person he so forcefully rejected at the beginning? It is it that he doesn’t want to be in the same grouping as the sons that he’s taking on? With the way Toric is, I would have expected him to preen some at that address, not get pissed at it.
Also, Piemur has been getting progressively rougher around the edges than he was in Dragondrums. He had previously been characterized as clever, sometimes too clever for things, and very possessed of the wanderlust, and I still wonder whether he has an attraction to Sharra, but this Piemur is either working in the deep cover that requires almost becoming the mask, or someone took sandpaper to his characterization in this revisiting, that he’s so openly contemptuous of the others he just studied under.

Also, is this the first time anyone has mentioned that dragonriders have signet rings for their communications? Doesn’t that also posit the existence of wax and/or candles, which would make glow collection seem strange, unless there have been enough accidents that candles are used only for signatures, instead of for light and heat? Or ink of some sort, perhaps, for the rings to stamp a design on official documents?

A few of these things get answers in the next segment. Namely, Piemur definitely has a thing for Sharra, who has him rather firmly as a friend. That’s not important to Piemur, though, as he hopes that perhaps he can be useful enough to Toric to collect Sharra as a bride anyway. Piemur also has a dual purpose for exploration – both Toric and Robinton will benefit from his maps, and he knows that both Toric and the dragonriders will want as much of that land as possible. Piemur doesn’t care about the politics just as long as he can explore the place forever.

In any event, as long as Piemur got to set one foot in front of the other unto he ran out of land, he would let the disposition if it rest with others – such as the Masterharper and the Benden Weyrleaders. They deserved more of the South than Toric ever did. But then, Lessa had a habit of giving perfectly good Holds away.

Huh? If Piemur is talking about Ruatha, Lessa had no intention of giving it up, and it took Jaxom’s birth to take that away from her. If he’s talking about something else, I’m not sure we’ve seen it enough for it to become a habit attributed to Lessa.

In any case, the Southern segment finishes with Piemur getting permission to explore and then setting off with Stupid into the brush. Then we go over to Jayge, who has made the turn to go north to Benden, and really appreciates the mare he’s escorting. After a night in a farm, Jayge encounters a hunting party of kids going after wherries, who ends up escorting him the rest of the way to the Hold, where he delivers the mare and earns his delivery fee, as well as another endorsement for his warrant of character. The hospitality of the Hold is excellent, and Jayge receives a “blatant come-on” from a journeywoman, who then also contrives to give Jayge a good feel for her breasts during the serving of the soup. If it weren’t for the fact that Jayge spots someone much more interesting at the table, he might have been getting busy that night. The lady he spots is out of his league and destined for the Weyr, and as he finds out the next morning, is also the intended recipient of the horse he brought. She has him entirely tongue-tied, not that she knows how smitten he is with her. Despite the narrative being coy with her name, we have a big clue as to who she is.

“Ah, so you’d know burden beasts better.” For some reason the girl’s smile was tinged with wistfulness. “We had a yoke – I called them Nudge and Shove. They did a lot of it, but they never let us down.”

So, of course it’s Aramina, and she’s beautiful and destined for the Weyr, and possibly Thella’s designs. Jayge wants to stay, but has no excuse to do so. And that brings this chapter to a close.

The problem is, this chapter is filler. There’s no actual content here other than “Jayge takes a horse to Benden, and falls for Aramina. Piemur gets closer to being the Explorer of Pern.” This is the second filler chapter for the book, which is not a good sign – tightening it up would probably leave more room for Thella, who is the only plot worth following at this point.

Open Thread: The stories you want to read/watch/hear/play

(by chris the cynic)

Arisia 2017 is over, and I return to my home.  Half of what I did there was listen to panels on how we need new stories that are better than the old ones.  Stories where, as but one example, not everyone is a straight white cis male except perhaps for some tokens with low life expectancy.

One panelist talked about writing, “The stories you want to read but can’t find.”

What are the stories you want to read? (Or watch, or hear, or play, or whatever.)

[As a reminder, open thread prompts are meant to inspire conversation, not stifle it. Have no fear of going off topic for there is no off topic here.]