This week in the Slacktiverse, January 28th, 2017

(posted by chris the cynic; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • I now have a Patreon account, the better to take your money.  So, I’ve got a post about having it, and another to point out that I am actually trying to follow through on the whole, “If you’re a patron of mine you get to see some stuff before anyone else” promise-thing.
    • Just to be clear on the previous, and save you the trouble of reading all three of those links, Patreon allows you to pay me, but you don’t need to pay me to get to read all my stuff.  Everything will eventually show up at Stealing Commas.
    • I gave the super person plotline I started last week an index and added three new installments:
    • I wrote a completely unrelated story, set in the same universe, about certain bad guys reacted when a hero mistreated a sidekick.  It’s called, “Evil has standards“.
    • I had a bunch of comments in conversation about villainous origins, so I collected them into a post.  Sure, sometimes super-villainy is all about the bottom line, or about having read too much Rand, but other times it starts when you want to make a world where no one starves, and then notice that the governments of the world are kind of an impediment . . . and it would be easier if you just ran the whole planet.
    • I had two things set in Kim Possible ‘verses:
    • Real life has sucked.  Really, really sucked.
      • I am really bad at coping with other people venting in my general direction.  Really bad.  So after that happened, again, I wrote about the pain of “fight or flight” when violence is uncalled for and you cannot flee.
      • Sometimes I make lists of things I need (e.g. shoes without holes in the soles), invariably I add things I merely want (e.g. a donkey).  I made such a list.
      • (Content note: at least one dead baby animal) I don’t even live at the farm, yet Bones’ not-merely-livestock classification is as real to me as it is to those who do live there.  Somewhere between friend and family, that goat is dear to me.  We only found pieces of her newborn kid(s).  Not enough to know if it was a goat-standard twin birth, just one, or triplets.  I wrote about that, how it might have been entirely preventable if not for other horrible bullshit, and how it affected me.

In Case You Missed This

No submissions this week.

Things You Can Do

Fred Clark shared this from HIAS* while adding the comment in brackets:

Donald Trump has issued a number of executive orders targeting vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers, which means your voice of opposition is more critical than ever.

History has taught us the deadly consequences of slamming the doors of this country shut on people just because of who they are and where they are from. We must prevent this administration from repeating the mistakes of the past. Here’s how you can help: [click that link, please, it’s a good list].

* The letters stand for “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society”, but the turn of the millennium marked them expanding the scope of their mission from Jewish refugees to all refugees.  It’s still a Jewish organization, though, hence the advice to make sure your rabbi is involved.

–Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


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