Deconstruction Roundup for March 24th, 2017

(by the Slacktiverse and others; collected by Silver Adept, who made a decision, and will pay for it later, even as bigger decisions loom in the future.)

The point of these posts is threefold:

  1. To let people stay up to date on ongoing deconstructions. (All ones on our list, including finished and stalled ones, here.)
  2. To let people who can’t comment elsewhere have a place to comment.
  3. To let people comment in a place where people who can’t read Disqus can see what they have to say.

Ana Mardoll: Ana Mardoll’s Ramblings

Fred Clark: Slacktivist

Froborr: Jed A. Blue

Mouse: Mouse’s Musings

Ross: A Mind Occasionally Voyaging

Vaka Rangi: Eruditorium Press

Katherine DM Clover: Here on the Slacktiverse

Silver Adept: Here on The Slacktiverse

Let us know, please, if there are errors in the post. Or if you don’t want to be included. Or if there’s someone who you think should be included, which includes you. We can use more content. Or if you are looking for a way to find more time to be more social arms more introspective. Or for any other reason, really.

One thought on “Deconstruction Roundup for March 24th, 2017

  1. Dr Sarah March 24, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism has been doing a deconstruction of ‘Voice in the Wind’ (a historical Christian novel I’d never heard of, but apparently it’s big in Christian circles). Prior to that she did a really good deconstruction of the appalling ‘Anonymous Tip’, which is now complete –

    Samantha Apfield is working her way through ‘Redeeming Love’ (, though she’s got a lot on her plate and hasn’t done an update for a while. She’s got some good past deconstructions on that blog, as well.

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