This past month in the Slacktiverse, March 25th, 2017

(posted by chris the cynic; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • Storiteller has been juggling political rallies, handling the needs of two small people, and staying awake. Here’s what she’s been writing about:
  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • First off, sorry.  It’s bad enough when I miss a week of updating.  Missing two three in a row really sucks.
    • I had five bits of fiction:
      • Set in my superhero universe, a former hero meets her old team for the first time in her new career as a thief (partner to her girlfriend whom she left the team for.) This is extremely unpolished, in fact it’s an incomplete draft that’s been sitting behind the curtain of Stealing Commas.  There was a period when I couldn’t write, so I dug this up and posted it.
      • Sometimes I think of ways to explain game mechanics in-universe.  They tend to be a bit on the weird side.  This conversation is an explanation of health regeneration where low health fades to grayscale and full health returns all colors.
      • In a zombie apocalypse setting I had a thing which was hopefully heartwarming, but it required a lot of set up explanation before I actually got to it
      • Discussion at Ana Mardoll’s led to me writing a rough draft of the climax of Ash.  Ash is my trans* Cinderella in high school story.
      • It doesn’t really make sense for a small group at a single age level to be the only people in a Hogwarts-sized school that breaks rules and saves the day.  So, going on the theory that other groups are busy being the heroes of other stories, I had the canon heroes meet one such group in passing.
    • I proposed two video games:
      • My own situation and The Last of Us beginning with someone rendered immobile by what looked to me like an ankle injury had me thinking about a game in which the player character faces the zombie apocalypse on crutches.
      • I proposed a game where you play not as the action hero who saves the day, but the sidekick with a handheld video camera who is recording everything (and trying to get the very best shot) for the eventual documentary/exposé/whatever.
    • I had some miscellaneous stuff:
      • I didn’t want everything to be all ankle stuff (this is a month’s worth of stuff, remember) so I copied and pasted a comment about weapon durability mechanics and how irked I get by games dangling what would be better and more durable weapons in front of you and not letting you pick them up.
      • A poem I wrote came up in court.  I wasn’t there, but when my sister told me about she opened with saying I was a rockstar now.
      • I did my allegedly monthly finance post for the first time since November.
      • I wrote about a handful of things needed or wanted at the moment.  It’s sort of ankle-adjacent, but far enough that I’m not lumping it into that section.  Also the most recent want/need list.
    • And there was a lot of broken ankle stuff.
      • The first thing I had was ways you could help me, though it’s somewhat outdated by now.
      • A week after the break it turned out that I hadn’t been immobile or foot-above-heart enough to make the swelling go down.  Surgery was postponed and I was left to spend my time laying on the floor, foot on a chair, with controller in hand.
        • If anyone’s wondering, this is when I stopped taking my hormones because of surgery and post surgery risks which has resulted in a depression-like state.  I’m not allowed to go back on yet.
      • Two weeks after the break I had surgery, and was told to keep elevating my foot a bunch, but apparently my bloodflow was less or something because that worked out really badly, I wrote a post on all that was happening three days after the surgery.
      • I wrote a rather less out-dated things you could do to help post.
      • After my computer, which had also been broken, returned to me I wrote a general update on everything in my life, and by then the off-hormones pseudo-depression was really showing.  I had another update when my foot was free and I got some information on when I’d eventually be able to go back on hormones.
      • When I was feeling extremely useless, I did something extremely stupid (I wasn’t thinking), which hurt like hell.
      • After being away, I returned home, I wrote about the trip and homecoming.  It has a lot of things that amount to “I got exhausted, had to stop and drop to the ground to rest, people wondered if I might be dying.”

In Case You Missed This

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Things You Can Do

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