These three weeks in the Slacktiverse, May 21st, 2017

(posted by chris the cynic; written by members of The Slacktiverse)

The Blogaround

  • chris the cynic wrote:
    • I had two trans* related story ideas:
      • The Pink Paladin is about the replacement for an injured hero in a power rangers-esque setting with a hero team in color-coded armor while fighting and the same color civilian clothes when not.
      • The Spear of Athena is about the quest for a magic weapon which . . . didn’t actually belong to Athena because it was always intended for a human woman chosen by the spear.
    • I’ve suggested a couple times that we could view The Horse and His Boy as the result of multiple similar stories being bashed together.  I collected those couple times Ana Mardoll’s post that inspired such thinking into a post.  Then I started writing that was explicitly part of the core Susan-Era story onto whose skeleton the other stories were bashed.
      • First I had an introduction which mostly discussed other stories before promising to tell this one properly.
      • Then I had the explanation for why Susan didn’t ride with the army, but Corin –someone the Narnians should be looking to protect not fling into battle– did.
      • Then an interlude where Shasta notices the carrion birds gathering.
      • A lot of my existing HHB stuff will be retroactively fit into this idea
    • The post “The time has come again for me to beg you to nominate you for meaningless awards related to Kim Possible fan fiction” is two things.  One is exactly what it sounds like.  I can’t nominate myself so if I want to be nominated someone has to send in an email nominating me, instructions in the post.  The other is that since eligible works are ones that were added to in the 2016 calendar year, it starts with a linked index of everything Kim Possible fic related I did last year.
    • Bad stuff has mostly ended here are some posts about that:
      • Help me I am a hostage and they demand pizza – The day before court the people who had no cause to claim my nephew’s father couldn’t be trusted around him decided they didn’t want to lose in court again and so wouldn’t try to win.  This somehow resulted in me not being able to go home until things were made official the next day.  My captors, noting that they were holding me hostage, told me to use my blog to deliver their ransom demand of pizza.
      • I’m free — (followed rambling update and recap and such) – I noted that I did indeed get to go home eventually and gave a recap of what had been going on for the 8+ months of Hell.
      • And then my computer languished for three days – Malware got passed my security, quickly screwed over everything that could deal with it, and made it so I couldn’t install or run anything that might help in extracting it.  It took a while to deal with.
    • Other stuff:
      • I had my Monthly Financial Post.  Short version is that the sky won’t fall this month, but things look bad the more months one looks forward.
      • I had a post about what I’d like to do going forward.  Things that require money probably won’t happen, ones that don’t hopefully will.

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