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Cute Animal of the Day: Kittens and Drawers

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee understands that cats enjoy semi-enclosed spaces to watch the world from.

As you can see, two cats fit comfortably in one drawer.

Have an open thread, or post your own cute animals for everyone.

Cute Animal of the Day: Otters!

An otter chomping down on a tasty ocean bug

Om nom nom!!

An otter climbing a tree in the snow

Snowy day otter!

A sneaky sneaky otter spying from behind a log

Double-0 Otter spies on you!

An itty bitty otter pup!

Teeny tiny otter pup!

Mama otter and baby snuggling as they float

Mama and baby, taking a floating nap together

Lovey-dovey otters kissing


Source for all

Posted by Kristycat

Oh no! There was no cute animal of the day yesterday! Here, to make up for it, are a MULTITUDE of adorable otters, just for you!

Cute Animals: Animals that don’t rhyme with rat.

(by chris the cynic)

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to do one of these on wombats for a while but none of the free stock photos are wombats. Which is disappointing. Maybe something else that rhymes with rat, I thought. For example Meerkats. I know there are free stock photos of them, but before I looked I looked up “rat”. Here are some of the results I got:

Not a rat:

(It is a nutria.)

Not a rat:

(It is a water vole.)

Not a rat:

(It is a chipmunk.)

Not a rat:

(It is a squirrel.)

Cute Animal Monday #1

(Posted by kisekileia.)

I have been remiss in writing cute animal posts lately. In my last cute animal post, on April 9, I promised weapons-grade cute in the next post. I am now delivering on this promise.

I have found the cutest puppy ever. Her name is Misa Minnie. You can find her on YouTube here and on Facebook here. I love not just Misa’s adorableness, but also the gentle, sweet way her trainer talks to her. Misa’s¬†extreme cuteness first became widely known when Cute Overload posted this video of her playing patty-cake:

And then she learned how to go shopping:

From Misa’s Facebook page, here’s how tiny she is compared to a person:

Misa Minnie with person


Here she is in a fancy dress. She wears lots of pink and usually has a cute little bow on her forehead.

Misa Minnie in dress


And here she is today, with a camera:

Misa Minnie with camera


Misa Minnie is training to be a therapy dog. I can easily see how her adorableness would make people feel better. ūüôā

Cute Animal Tuesday #14

(Posted by kisekileia.)

Since this is the first Cute Animal Tuesday I’ve done since Easter, here are some bunnies for Easter.

This lovely bunny comes from Jebarooney on Facebook.
White bunny with bow

Cute Overload describes this picture as a ‘Bunny Board Meeting‘. The bunnies do seem to be quite intently crowded around their pile of delicious grass.

Bunny Board Meeting from Cute Overload

People keep sending me this picture, which comes from r/funny on Reddit. I wonder why. Comments there say the picture was taken on Okunoshima, known as Bunny/Rabbit Island in Japan. Apparently in the late 1920s through World War II, chemical weapons development and testing took place on the island, with tests sometimes done on rabbits :(. Those rabbits were killed when the weapons factory was demolished. However, after World War II was over, the island was turned into a park, and rabbits were released on the island to live free in peace. The island is still a park, with a small museum about poison gas and lots of beautiful bunnies. (Source: Wikipedia.)

Crazy bunny lady

This video is from After The Rain Rabbitry. After The Rain Rabbitry’s videos have a consistent theme: Somebody tries to line up a litter of adorable baby bunnies in a nice orderly row, but then the bunnies squirm and wiggle and move all over the place, and the camera tries to keep up. The videos are all pretty similar, except that they have different cute little baby bunnies at different ages, but they’re also all very cute.

I have plans for next week’s cute animals already. They won’t be bunnies, but they will be VERY adorable. Seriously, there is weapons-grade cute coming.

Compensatory Cute Animals

(Posted by kisekileia.)

So, pretty much everyone who posts stuff here, me included, has been swamped in the past week and a half, and we have all failed at routinely getting things up. There’s at least one post in the pipeline, but people have to get stuff together.

In the meantime, here are some cute animals. These came up when I discovered that the AND operator is important when doing searches for things like “fluffy AND adorable AND baby AND bunnies,” because otherwise there will be stray pictures of things that you do not want to see. Many, but not all, of these pictures are in fact fluffy adorable baby bunnies.

This picture is from Tumblr. I’m not sure of the original source. It’s cute though!Bunnies from tumblr

This sweet little bunny appears to have been originally posted by Fra-Emer on DeviantArt, and has been reposted by We Heart It.

fluffy ball bunny by flart on Tumblr


I’m not sure exactly why these came up in a search for bunnies, but they’re adorable. They were posted by


And now for a heartwarming picture from A Cute A Day.



Cute Animal Tuesday #13: Mouse Deer

In response to last week’s request to see mouse deer, which are not really either mice or deer, here is one, from Zooborns:

March 11 Zooborns mouse deer


And here are a mouse deer mother and baby, also from Zooborns. Zooborns has lots of interesting information about mouse deer under the “mouse deer” tag:

July 2010.jpg Zooborns mouse deer mom and baby


And here are three mouse deer from The Fabulous Web:

Mouse deer from thefabweb


There is also a lovely painting of two mouse deer by Sasitha Weerasinghe here, on Fine Art America.

Hey, this isn’t a mouse deer. It’s a deer mouse! How did that get in here? It gets to stay because it is cute, and so are its babies. It comes from

deermouse from funkman org

And another cute little mouse deer from Simon and Finn.

simonandfinn mouse deer

Cute Animal Wednesday: Kittens

(Posted by kisekileia.)

I was seriously stressed and busy on Tuesday, so the cute animals are going up today instead.

I’m keeping it simple this week: Here are adorable fuzzy kittens. All of them are from Instagram, so I don’t know who originally took the photos. I just know they’re adorable.

Nervous-looking kitty, posted by we_so_cute_. (Instagram link

kitten from we_so_cute_

And from ellie_the_alley_cat, aka Elizabeth Gonzalez, a compendium of cute fuzzy kittens. (Instagram link
Kitten from ellie_the_alley_cat

These kittens, from quiponherfeet (Keyona Mays), are just SO FUZZY. I love their cute little paws and how they’re snuggled together. (Instagram link¬†
Kittens from quiponherfeet Keyona Mays

It’s okay, kitty! We’re friendly. (Posted by kolesova. Instagram link
Scared kitten from kolesova

I think the person who posted this next kitten, kitkate1999 (Kate Walker), is the one who took the picture, because she says she’s looking for homes for this little fuzzmeister and three others. Is anyone in South Carolina looking for a cat?

I promise there is a kitten in here, it’s just teeny tiny.¬†(Instagram link¬†
Adoptable kitten from kitkate1999 Kate Walker

And here is a ridiculously adorable little bundle of fluff with cute little tiny stubby legs, posted by sam_ayye (Sam Pertsas): (Instagram link

Fuzzy white kitten with stubby legs from sam_ayye Sam Pertsas

Lastly, here is a super-tiny kitten nestled safely in the arms (well, between the front legs, but you know what I mean) of a grown-up kitty that I’m guessing is the mama, posted by lukefubar (Luke Elliot). (Instagram link¬†

Kitten from lukefubar Luke Elliot

Is there anything people would particularly like to see on future Cute Animal Days? If so, please let me know in the comments.

Cute Animal Tuesday #12: Bunnies

(Posted by kisekileia.)

One of my favourite sources of cute animal pictures, the Facebook page The Sarcastic Bunneh Show, was deleted due to troll attacks last night. I’d like to memorialize it by posting some of my favourite pics from there. (I downloaded a bunch before they could be deleted.) Here’s what should have happened last night:

“Peace!” pleads one bunny:
Bunny with peace necklace

“RAWR!! Trolls begone!” says another:
Bunny roar

These bunnies just want to rest:
Tired bunnies

And this bunny suggests an alternative activity for the trolls:
Bunny says %22Snuggle!%22

This bunny creates a distraction:
Fashion bunny is big deal

These bunnies respond: “YOU’RE a big deal? But look at our massive floof!”
Bunnies with massive floof

Everyone’s attention is again diverted when a wayward bunny gets into the dandelions:
Bunny gets into dandelions


And then, this bunny shows up in a sombrero:Bunny in sombrero

And everything devolves into a giant dance party.

Cute Animal Tuesday #11: Animals in Love

Two beautiful birds snuggling from Anyone know what they are?

A beautiful friendship between a deer and a rabbit, photographed by Czech photographer Tanja Askani:

Two darling little piglets from


There are several lovely photos of cross-species affection here.

This image of bunnies kissing is all over the internet, but I found it at ReallyCuteStuff: bunnies kissing


Sleepy nuzzling bunnies from The Daily Bunny:sleepy nuzzling bunnies


And the quintessential video of animals in love: Otters holding hands. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you’re alone or with someone(s)!