FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is The Slacktiverse? 

The Slacktiverse is a blogging community that grew organically over time around the writings of Fred Clark, The Slacktivist. The Slacktiverse community posted at Typepad for a time under the moderating umbrella of three respected members of the community, but for logistical reasons first moved to Blogger and then from there to WordPress in order to sustain a multi-author blogging approach and affiliated forums.

The Slacktiverse is a deeply diverse community, with an explicit devotion to pluralism and sharing different viewpoints. The members of the community belong to numerous religions and faiths, as well as varying flavors of atheism and agnosticism, and we strive to learn from one another in a community-moderated safe space. As such, this is not a debate forum where people seek to convince one another, but rather it is a sharing forum where people come to listen, learn, and commune.

What are the posting guidelines for The Slacktiverse?

Authors at The Slacktiverse are members of the community who have volunteered to add content for discussion in the form of blog posts. Blog posts represent the experiences and opinions of their individual author(s), and are not intended to represent the views of the entire community. Authors are responsible for editing their posts prior to publish, and for moderating their posts after publishing.

What are the commenting guidelines for The Slacktiverse? 

Commenters are expected to behave respectfully towards authors and fellow commenters. Blog posts are moderated by their associated author, and the author has full and complete authority within that threaded discussion to declare subjects off-topic or to ask commenters to leave the thread. Authors are granted this authority within their threads because the community recognizes that providing content costs spoons, and we respect the individual needs of the contributing authors in this space. Off-topic comments may be taken to the blogging or social media platforms of the commenter’s choosing, but they should not stay here once they’ve been asked to leave.

What are the subscription feeds for The Slacktiverse?

The RSS feed for the blog posts is here.
The RSS feed for the blog comments is here.
The feed for forum topics only is here.

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